Making Your Own Dog Food

Making your own dog food is always a wise choice, especially if you're finding that your regular dog food is not giving your dog what he needs or is giving him horrible allergies. There are many benefits to making your own dog food. One of them being is that you're able to control exactly what you're dog is consuming. If you're dog has a certain health condition or is sensitive to certain foods then this is an ideal way of monitoring what he eats. You can easily adjust your own Dog Treat Recipes to help improve his health.

There are a couple of downsides to making your own dog food. One of them being that you could be feeding your dog something that is known to be bad for dogs. Also, there are some foods that aren't bad for your dog, but giving him too much could be the cause for a trip to the vet. For example, onions, apple cores, chocolate, etc are bad for dogs. Garlic has a 50-50 opinion on it. Garlic is great to keep a healthy coat and to ward off Fleas, however too much can be Toxic for your dog. Where's the balance between just right and too much? This is something you might be experimenting with when making your own dog food.

Making your own dog food might not be cheaper, either. Keep in mind that the main reason why many people make their own dog food is because it tends to be a better health option. For people on a budget, price might be a concern to them. You can find discounted prices at the butcher when meat is just about to go bad or is not fresh enough to sell to the public. You can also buy things that people would rarely want to eat. For example, people rarely buy chicken and pig feet and butchers bring the price down substantially.

To avoid any Dogs Health problems, check out what Toxic Foods are bad for your dog. In the beginning or whenever you're about to feed your dog something new, be careful and start will a little at a time to see if there are any side effects to doing so. You can always help yourself remember by writing these things down and posting them on your fridge.

Getting ready to make your Dog Food is actually the easiest part. You can chose the Feeding Dogs Raw Food method which takes a lot less time or you can choose Home Cooked Dog Food. When going raw, all you have to do is feed your dog a whole rabbit or chops of meat mixed in with some raw vegetables (that are safe for dogs). When cooking your meat, make sure there are no bones in the meat and cut it into cubes. Fry the meat, but do not use too much oil or butter. You can either steam or bake your vegetables before feeding them to your dog. When giving dogs fruit, make sure there is no core or seed inside.

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