Mini English Bulldog

Any owner of a Mini English Bulldog knows what loyal and friendly companions they can be.

As far as the Bulldog Breeds go, they have an outgoing temperament and love to get attention from their masters.

They do have a reputation for being fierce and vicious though, and that's because they're strongly loyal to their owners and will bite, maim, attack, and otherwise chew on anybody that they perceive as a threat.

If you are getting a fully grown Miniature Bulldog for the first time, it's extremely important to give him or her time to get used to the household and environment.

Definitely be sure to give them a few days before trying to make any introductions to current pets, whether they're cats or other dogs. You should also keep an eye on them as they get used to small children.

When a BullDog is confused or uneasy it can easily lash out defensively as it feels the need to protect itself. Once everyone is used to each other though, and your new bulldog learns to recognize who is in charge, there should be no further problems.

Another piece of advice for anyone attempting to assimilate a new bulldog into their home is to have a Dog First Aid Kit standing by.

They are just as liable to injure themselves on furniture and home appliances, as they are to injure a person or another animal. You might have to treat a few bruises and scrapes during the process.

There are two schools of thought on where the mini English bulldog originated. One group of breeders thinks that it’s a purebred that was selectively bred through generations for a desirable trait.

That trait is, of course, a smaller stature and build compared to typical English Bulldogs . Miniature breeds have always been a novelty among dog lovers, and it would hardly be surprising if someone took it upon himself or herself to bring a miniature bulldog into the world.

The other school of thought is that mini English bulldogs are a mixed breed with the blending of English bulldog and either pug or French Bulldog in their lineage. There's no conclusive evidence to point to either theory being correct.

Miniature English Bulldogs are almost mirror images to their larger brothers.

Their build is short and stocky and they suffer the same health problems as any other type of Bulldog Breeds. Breathing issues, a common problem among bulldogs, aren't quite as prevalent among miniatures, but they can still crop up after extended exertion.

One thing in particular you should watch out for is when your mini English bulldog goes swimming. Their heads are pretty big, giving them a top heavy force that requires a lot of effort to stay above the surface.

Miniature bulldogs can be pulled out of the water pretty easily, but they're still surprisingly heavy so don't let your English Bulldog Puppy go swimming in deep water or else he might end up sinking to the bottom like a stone.

As long as you watch out for this you shouldn't have any problems.

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