Some Miniature Beagle

The miniature beagle is energetic, friendly, and extremely playful with people.

They love attention and they can tolerate little children pulling and dragging them around the house. They love to run and fetch objects constantly. These tiny dogs are great little dogs to keep your lap warm while you work or read a book on a rainy day.

These Beagle Dogs are known to be very difficult to train and love to chase animals as they are considered hound dogs.

It is important that when you go out with the Mini Beagle, they always remain on a leash because they could dash off to chase a random squirrel or critter. It is very hard to stop this kind of Beagle Behavior, so it is best you talk to a personal dog trainer if this is something you do not wish your dog to do.

The miniature beagle should live inside the house and not outside. As mentioned earlier, they are prone to chase things so they might leave or escape your backyard late at night to chase a wild animal. Dogs that love to chase things are prone to being scratched by them. Wild animals can carry rabies in their saliva, so be sure your dog is up to date with his shots.

These cute little dogs are known to have more genetic defects than their larger version, so be sure to Visit Your Veterinarian to learn about any potential health concerns your dog might have.

Learning more about the potential Beagle Health risks your dog can get will help you prepare your Dog First Aid Kit accordingly. Those who are prepared are more likely to help their dog through the process as efficiently as possible.

In any emergency, always have the vet's phone number in an easy to reach place, whether by your dog first aid kit or on the fridge.

There are many breeders who specialize in breeding only Mini Beagle Puppies. This can bring about genetic defects, so it is best to do extensive research on the breeder before you consider purchasing a dog from them.

When looking for Mini Beagles, the best breeders are the ones that also have standard size beagles and do not combine minis with minis generation after generation.

You should also be aware that some breeders will mix the standard beagle with another smaller dog to achieve the miniature beagle. Sometimes you might stubble upon 'beagles' that have different colors than they should.

This is a good indicator that they are not pure. Make sure you're not paying premium prices for a mixed dog. If you're interested in obtaining a Beagle Mix miniature beagle, then you can always talk to a breeder that does this professionally or browse through a shelter if you want to Adopt A Beagle.

These Beagle Dogs have been used for medical testing and in fact are the most favorable. They are used for biological research, testing veterinary medicine, human medicine, for the environment, and for the protection of man.

However, less and less dogs are being used for these purposes now a days.

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Miniature Beagle Information to Beagel Facts

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