Some Miniature Beagles Information

Designer dogs like miniature beagles have taken up a major portion in our pet society.

More and more people are opting for these tiny adorable looking pets. Whether people consider it ethical or not breeders continue to raise the Mini Beagle by poor breeding methods in order to satisfy the demands of the public.

An important Beagle Fact is that there is only one breed of Beagle and the American kennel club does not recognize any subordinate breed like that of miniature beagles.

So the probability of you finding a Mini Beagle with registered breeders is very rare. The Beagle Breed is already a miniature of the foxhounds at just the size of 13-15 inches.

Mini Beagle Puppies are much smaller than that size and at adult stage stands to a height of 10 inches. It is so tiny that it can easily fit into a pocket or glove and hence the reasons for common nicknames like Pocket Beagle Puppies.

With the entire population being attracted to tiny little Beagle Puppies, it is just the gimmick of breeders to sell genetically misfit dogs at a higher price by giving them such names.

These mini beagles are found to be much more expensive than the normal beagles and have a starting price of 400$ in America. Charging such sky high prices for Dogs that are prone to so many Beagle Health issues is plain injustice. But with the mentality of our society being more favorable to tiny and cute things and some people are willing to pay much higher prices for these dogs.

Celebrities can be seen carrying these miniature dogs around which are adorned with expensive clothing, thus helping the rising trend for these miniature beagles. If you plan to Adopt A Beagle it is important that you understand the drawbacks of such a deal.

The miniature beagles are prone to a variety of health issues like epilepsy, ear infections are just a few to name. All this is because of a weak immune system that causes infections and fragile skeleton, which is unable to provide the dog with the protection it, needs. Females of this species undergo severe trouble at the time of littering because of their tiny size.

In addition to health issues one must brace themselves for other inconveniences like that of providing only a special variety of Dog Food for the dog. These dogs being very tiny have specific food designed for them, which is easy to chew and digest.

Along with this a frequent Visit to Your Veterinarian is mandatory when housing these tiny pets. Beagle Dogs are known to be a variety that is fairly attracted to children because of their loving and playful nature.

The same case is that with the miniature beagles but because of such fragile make up they are not capable of handling the stress and rough handling of children so not the best of pets if you have young children at home.

All these Facts About Beagles in addition to high maintenance cost are one of the reasons that force people to rethink whether such dogs are the best of bargains?

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Miniature Beagles to Beagle Facts

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