Miniature Black Poodle Information

The Miniature Black Poodle is world renowned for the way it looks when fully groomed and treated.

It's become something of a fashion statement among poodle owners to provide them with immaculate Grooming, trimming, and bathing all the time.

This is hardly a new concept as Miniature Poodle and toy poodle owners as early as the 18th century were dolling up their Miniature Poodles.

When it comes to the actual grooming process and style, there are several different common options that you can choose from. Categorically speaking, you have the pet trims, and the show trims, two completely different styles that will turn your Miniature Poodle into an altogether different dog. For the conformation competitions, there are only three acceptable trims.

  • The first show trim is known as the Puppy Clip. This type, as you may have guessed, is reserved only for Poodle Puppies less than one year of age. The hair is allowed to be kept at full length except around the face, the bottom half of the tail, and the feet. These areas are shaved clean. The tail ends up resembling a poof on the tip because the hair is so curly. This is only reserved for puppies because the other trimming techniques take off a lot more fur, and puppies are more susceptible to cold air and water than their grown up counterparts, so trimming off a lot more hair could end up being a danger to the Miniature Poodle Puppy.
  • The second type of trim, the Continental Clip, begins to resemble more what you usually expect a miniature black poodle to look like. For this clip, the entire back section is shaved, from the rump down to the ankles. Trainers have the option of leaving small poofs on the feet, known as pompons in the Miniature Poodle industry, and very rarely will a trainer shave the entire ankle. The middle part of the front legs are also shaved, giving the dog a large bushy chest coat and fluffy pompons on the front ankles. As always the face is shaved as well.
  • The third and final acceptable trim style for Miniature Poodles is the English Saddle Clip. This style leaves a full blanket of fur along the flank, except for one small curvy area that is shaved clean. Rather than shaving the entire hind legs, the groomer leaves two thin strips of skin, while the rest of the hair is trimmed a bit for basically left free to grow. As with the Continental, the face and midsection of the forelegs are completely shaved, and as with the Puppy Cut the base of the tail is shaved off, leaving a pompon on the tip of the tail.

If you aren't planning to take your poodle in for show, you don't have to worry about these trim styles, although they do look very elegant on a miniature black poodle.

Just know your Dog First Aid and have fun with it.

Their fur is perfectly suited for this type of cutting; it's wiry, curly, and tough – perfect for a life of hunting and Swimming in cold water.

If there's anything that can really be said about the miniature black poodle, it's that it's an incredible dog.

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