Miniature Bulldog Information

Experts believe that the Miniature Bulldog is a purebred English bulldog that has simply been bred for its smaller stature.

Through the years, this constant breeding has led to the half sized BullDog that we know and love today. Many other miniature animals also begin life this way; a breeder will like the traits of a smaller pup, and then breed it with another small pup to give their offspring the desirable trait.

In every way except for size, the Miniature English Bulldog is exactly the same as a regular sized bulldog – it has the same temperament, the same eating habits, the same build ratio, and everything else.

On the opposite side of the fence, there are other breeders who think that the Mini English Bulldog version isn't a pure breed at all.

They're of the mind that sometime back in the first generations of the English Bulldog , one pup was mated with either a French Bulldog (which is much smaller than the English variety) or a pug.

This would account for the smaller size and for the fact that even though there is mixed blood in miniatures, the multiple generations have evened out the differences and made it appear to be almost exactly the same breed as a normal English bulldog, except much smaller of course.

The miniature bulldog has the same build and body type as a regular bulldog – it's balanced evenly and has a stocky, full figured build. Compared to the size of the body, the head is actually quite large, and the muzzle is notoriously wide and short. Miniatures will only grow to about 14 inches in height, but everything else looks the same.

Anyone who has ever owned a bulldog can attest to the fact that they are friendly and loveable. You may even learn to love that face! They love to be handled and pet regularly, and their temperament is very positive at most times.

When it comes to protecting their masters though, bulldogs, including miniature bulldogs, can be fierce and unyielding. They will defend you to the death if they have to, which is why they're so popular as guard dogs.

They can be very stubborn at times, which is a trait they've carried since the days when they were used as fighting entertainment, but there's still a fine line between stubborn and vicious, which they are not.

One of the main health issues that will commonly affect a miniature bulldog is breathing problems. Their face, snout, and wind pipe are short and closed in, making it hard for them to breathe sometimes, especially after strenuous exercise.

When you're playing with your miniature bull dog, keep a Dog First Aid Kit around, as well as a cell phone so that you can easily call the vet if any problems persist.

If the temperature rises too much they can also overheat pretty easily, so keep exercise at a moderate level on warm days and you should have no problem with your little miniature.

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