Miniature English Bulldog Information

The Miniature English Bulldog is a favorite pet of children and families all over the world.

It's rugged and strong, but carries the smaller stature of miniature breeds, which makes it perfect for household pet status.

Most people agree that Miniature Bulldogs are purebred versions of the typical English Bulldog that have been bred through generations to embody a smaller build.

Most miniature versions of any breed start out with one person taking two slightly smaller dogs and breeding them, and then breeding the smallest of the resulting litter. It takes years for a BullDog with a normally large build, such as the English bulldog, to reach miniature status.

As there will always be when it comes to varied Bulldog Breeds, there are some experts who stand strong with the opinion that the miniature English bulldog is actually a mixed breed that doesn't deserve the recognition that it is currently receiving.

The prevailing theory with these folks is that several hundred years ago when the miniature first came about, a breeder mixed an English bulldog with another breed to get the desired size change.

The two possible candidates for the second half of the bloodline are the French Bulldog and the pug. French bulldogs are relatively smaller than their English counterparts, so it makes sense that they would be bred for a miniature.

Pugs of course are quite tiny in comparison to the Standard English bulldog, and although that would have made for a humorously awkward breeding session, it's still a plausible theory.

Besides the obvious size difference, the miniature English bulldog is nearly exactly the same as the super sized version. It still embodies the warm temperament with the fierce defensive nature and stubbornness that we have come to know and love about bulldogs.

Even the ratio of body to head and legs to body is the same with the miniature. They are stocky and built close to the ground, with a low center of gravity, and the head is disproportionately large compared to the body. At full growth, a miniature English bulldog can reach about 14 inches at the tops of the shoulders.

Bulldogs are usually afflicted by several conditions due to their stocky build, and the most common is of course labored breathing and other respiratory issues.

When exercising your mini bulldog, keep your basic Dog First Aid skills in mind, and you probably want to have a phone as well in case you start to notice a rugged, raspy quality to your pooch's breathing.

Despite these breathing issues, bulldogs in general need plenty of Regular Exercise , but just remember to keep the sessions short so that the dog has a chance to catch his breath every now and then.

They will play with you for hours without stopping, but that can put a lot of strain on the heart and lungs, so you'll need to be the one that puts a stop to play time. Owning a Mini English Bulldog is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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