Miniature Jack Russell Terriers Information

If you are looking for information about Miniature Jack Russell Terriers you have come to the right place.

The standard Jack Russell Terrier was bred in the past for hunting purposes. Jack Russells are very fast as well as intelligent.

Their curiosity and the fact that they are fearless and full of adventure made them the perfect hunting companion. Of course they did not hunt the foxes themselves, but they were great in chasing the foxes out of their hiding places.

Jack Russell Terriers did hunt small animals, and that is why some might still hunt small pets if you have any at your home, it is in their nature.

I realized recently that you could do a lot with breeding, if you want to eliminate certain traits of one type of dog and keep the other. This is probably where the idea of miniature Jack Russell Terriers came along.

Normal Jack Russell Terriers are about 15 inches with their body size being in proportion with this. Some farm or breeders developed Jack Russells of 10 inches and 10 pounds or less. This is why they call this type of Jack Russell a Miniature Jack Russell Terrier. At some farms they have a very relaxed environment for these dogs to breed in, this calm enables the dog to get along with other animals, and suppress their hunting instinct.

The miniature Jack Russell Terriers are not bred to hunt put rather to be pets or show dogs. So the hunting and aggressive element is eliminated. They breed these dogs to be child friendly as well as suitable to live indoors. So the miniature Jack Russell is ideal if you have a small house or even live in a flat. You can then also own other pets and the miniature Jack will feel comfortable around children.

They have a variety of options available. There are certain times during the year that they have Jack Russell Pups available and you will have a variety of colors to choose from, like white and tan to tan and black.

Some of them even have more than two colors. You can get miniature Jack Russells with long hair or short hair, as well as Rough Coat Jack Russells or smooth coats.

It is important that you are informed regarding the breed, and you should also ask the breeders to show you documents that they are pedigree Miniature Jack Russells. You do not want to pay more and then later realize that the dog just looked smaller because it was a puppy.

So now you have some information that there is such a thing as miniature Jack Russells. They are ideal if you have a smaller home with young children or little space.

These miniature bundels of joy are friendly and still full of energy, but they do not have the intense hunting instinct that the standard Jack Russell has.

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