Miniature Poodle Dogs Information

Miniature Poodle Dogs are a relative of the poodle, which has origins as far back as Germany, even though many people mistakenly believe that it originated in France.

Another fun fact that most people are unaware of is that Poodle Puppies are believed to be the runner up for most intelligent dog in the world, right behind the famous Border Collie.

They get into a lot of trouble, so brush up on your Dog First Aid before attempting to play with one. The Miniature Poodle is often seen as a fashion statement more so than a useful so to speak, and there's a reason for that that we'll get into later.

The Poodle itself though was originally a hunting dog. This was way before the days of whimsical hair cuts for the poodle that made it look like a series of cotton balls glued to a ferret.

They were used for retrieval purposes when hunting, and have an excellent sense of smell and eyesight that makes them ideally suited for the purpose. The Standard Poodle is actually still used for hunting today.

Their distinctive fur is also very water resistant, which led to widespread use as a water retrieval dog. All of the poodle's ancestors were documented to be exceptional Swimmers – all except one. The truffle dog was one of the first in the line of toy or Miniature Poodle Dog Breeds.

Truffles are a type of edible fungus that was extremely popular in 18th century Europe – especially France. The fungi grow underground, making them difficult to spot by eye. Dogs were trained to latch onto the particular scent of a truffle and sniff it out on the forest floor.

Truffle dogs were a Small Miniature Poodle that were used specifically for this purpose.

The reason they were so valued is because they had all the intelligence and olfactory capabilities as Standard Poodles, but their little paws were small enough that there was a reduced risk of harm coming to the truffles when they were dug up.

When it comes to the genealogy of the Breed Miniature Poodle the Standard Poodle is believed to be the oldest breed.

It's also the largest, which makes sense as the miniature poodle dogs and toy poodles, which came after, were bred for very specific purposes. We've already talked about how the truffle dog was bred for truffle hunting. There are some people who believe that this dog was a standard poodle crossed with a Jack Russell Terrier, but others stand firm to the notion that they are born and bred poodles with a slightly smaller stature.

Toy poodles, the smallest of the bunch, had the most interesting job. These are extremely small pups, and as such they were often used as hand warmers by French aristocrats.

They would keep a Miniature Poodle in their sleeves during the winter and use it to keep their hands warm while doing aristocratic things.

Miniature poodle dogs were also prominently featured as a circus dog during the 17th century, and there are several descriptions that describe the dogs performing tricks and wowing audiences in traveling gypsy caravans.

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