Miniature Poodle Information

There's a lot of Miniature Poodle Information that is unclear.

The following are some facts About the Miniature Poodle.

The Miniature Poodle originally comes from France, although the Poodle itself originated in Germany as a game and retrieval dog.

The size and shape of the poodle made it perfect stock for game hunting, with a slightly rounded skull and a straight, strong muzzle that can poke into holes to retrieve downed waterfowl. The ears of the Miniature Poodle Dog Breed are very long and flop down against the sides of the skull.

Unlike some breeds of dog, the Breed Miniature Poodle is in perfect proportion with itself. Both the hind legs and the front legs are the right size for the body, which is long and wiry.

The feet of the Miniature Poodle are fairly small, and that's not just from the “miniature” breed status of the dog. Standard Poodles have quite small paws as well, which again cements their ability as a quality hunting dog.

Large feet are clumsy amongst thick underbrush while smaller paws tend to be more agile and sure-footed on uneven ground. That's some miniature poodle information that you probably didn't know!

The fur of the poodle is thick and wiry. It created the perfect buffer against cold lake and pond waters during the retrieving years of the dog. Of course, I talk about the Standard Poodle as if it used to be a hunting dog, when in fact it's still widely used as a gun dog in many parts of the world.

The miniature poodle is generally a pretty friendly pooch, although if you don't give it enough Regular Exercise it will get really high strung due to the massive amount of energy boiling inside it.

It's widely known among dog enthusiasts that as a dog gets smarter it needs more and more diversions to keep its mind occupied. Well, the poodle is one of the most intelligent breeds of dog out there, so if you're not playing with it enough it will really start to get into trouble.

Keep a Dog First Aid Kit handy, and keep a first aid kit for yourself as well because tense Miniature Poodles sometimes lash out without realizing what they're doing.

Also, pay attention for symptoms of small dog syndrome, a little understood condition that affects smaller breeds. This is where the Small Miniature Poodle begins to believe that it is the alpha male of the pack (your family) and will assert its authority whenever it feels it to be necessary.

Once the dog starts to think like this, it can be dangerous to keep around children, so it's important to understand this miniature poodle information. Firmly assert that you are the alpha male from the get-go and you should have no troubles later on down the road.

The biggest thing to remember About the Miniature Poodle is that you have to play with it as often as possible. They crave attention, and will do almost anything to get it.

If you don't tire him out he'll be up all night running around the house and tearing at furniture. Don't let any of that scare you away from getting Miniature Poodle Dogs and learning all the miniature poodle information you can though; they're loving dogs when handled correctly and will be loyal to you for life.

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