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The Most Popular Dog Breed for the past consecutive 20 years by the American Kennel Club, the UK Kennel Club, and the Canadian Kennel Club is the Labrador Retriever. Labrador Retrievers are fun, energetic, and highly intelligent animals that are good around kids, easy to train, and love spending time with people. In a nutshell, they really represent the perfect dog for any type of living situation. They usually have more than twice as many registrations as the 2nd most popular dog breed, which changes from year to year.

The Labrador Retriever was originally bred as a Hunting Labrador, and would retrieve game when shot down by the hunter. To do this, it needed to have plenty of energy, a strong sense of smell, and the ability to swim in case the game went down in a lake or a pond. Through carefully selective breeding in Newfoundland, Canada, the Labrador Dog was born. Labrador Retrievers were bred out of another type of dog, the St. John's Water Dog, which was a breed that had muddled origins and random breeding techniques since the 16th century settlers first landed on the island. While larger St. John's Dogs were bred with Mastiffs to create the Newfoundland breed, the smaller versions of the St. John's Dog were set aside to breed the Labrador Retriever.

Before the Lab was even taken across the Atlantic to England, its reputation had spread far and wide. It's said the Earl of Malmesbury was visiting the area from England and noticed one of the early versions of the Labrador Retriever in action. He was so impressed by their skill, swimming ability, and the way they were able to retrieve nearly anything that fell, no matter where it landed, that the first thing he did was arrange to have a few Labradors sent over to his manor in England. From then on, the entire kennel of the Earl of Malmesbury was devoted solely to the breeding of the Labrador Retriever, and he is largely responsible for the version that we have today. It's no wonder that they're currently the most popular dog breed.

Labrador Retrievers are considered to be one of the Large Dog Breeds, and the males generally weigh somewhere between 64 and 90 lbs when fully grown. The American Kennel Club considers any Labrador that weighs over 100 lbs to be obese. Labradors live between 10 and 12 years for the most part, and although they might have some inherited Dog Health conditions from their parents they are otherwise very healthy. Like other Big Dog Breeds, one condition that may affect Labrador Retrievers is the inevitable Dog Hip Dysplasia and the Elbow Dysplasia.

Through proper nutrition and some basic large Dog First Aid practices you should be able to minimize the impact that this has on your dog's life. Additionally, Labradors may develop inherited Eye problems in dogs, as they get older, including corneal dystrophy, cataracts, or retinal dysplasia. Visit Your Veterinarian and talk to them about finding a specialist who deals in eye problems for dogs to get the best treatment.

If you are interest, here is a List of Large Dog Breeds and a List of Small Dog Breeds.

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