My Little Doggie Froggie

by Bennie
(Texas, USA)

This is for anyone who is considering becoming a Dachshund parent :)

We received Froggie from my parents when he was about four months old. He was the most wonderful mini I had ever seen. He loved to jump from the start and being first time wiener dog parents, we let him - even encouraged it.

He was so muscular and active we never dreamed he would ever have back problems. When he was only three years old it happened. Somehow, we managed to scrape up and borrow enough money to have his surgery - $2500. (and that doesn't count the several visits to vets beforehand).

I was lucky enough to have a job that I could bring him to work with me so that he had round the clock supervision. Over the next few months he made incredible improvements and eventually we thought he was healed.

Only two months after we declared him well, his back went out again. I had researched the situation extensively during his first "round" and thought we would visit the vet and take him home for more crate rest.

I was in a hurry that day, he didn't seem to want to piddle before we went into the vet's office and I just thought that I'd take him when we left.

I didn't ask the vet tech to show me how to manually make him urinate because I thought I could do it - if it came to it.

After all, I had done all this research and it didn't look that hard. I had even practiced finding the right area on my forty pound dog and on my eighteen pound cat while Froggie was still in the hospital.

After we walked out of the vet's office Froggie still didn't piddle. I should have walked back in right then and had them help me. I was in a hurry and didn't want to look dumb or be a bother.

I figured surely he would go when we got home - no go. I finally figured out that I would have to do it for him and tried several times but was unable to relieve him.

I should have taken him back to the vet then. I do not understand why I thought it could wait til morning. I stayed up with him all night and about two in the morning woke my husband up to take us to an emergency vet.

They said it was too late to use a cath or to do it manually. I had my baby put down that night 06-09-2006. What I have learned from this experience is to NEVER let your Dachshund JUMP!

And, to trust your gut - I should have done things differently, I should have asked more questions and I definitely should have asked to be shown the manual technique.

Don't ever hold back when you have questions and don't wait til morning if you are unsure.

God Bless all you responsible pet lovers out there!

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Apr 16, 2010
dachsund backs
by: Andrea

So very very sorry to read your experience. My heart goes out to you. My dachshund also is a muscular little fellow...and at first jumped up and down from furniture and steps. Then he started getting back spasms. It is awful to see him in such pain. For now the vet has us give him pain killers, muscle relaxers and plenty of rest. We don't let him least if we can catch him before he does...and lift him up and down stairs if he seems to be having a hard time. We really want to avoid surgery because of stories like yours, and others similar. We just hope he won't end up in a little cart, but we'll love him even if he does.
Thanks for sharing.

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