My puppy lost in Rocky Point

by liz
(Tucson, AZ, USA)

On January 20th, I arrived at my house at Playa Encanto at about 4:30 pm.

I was introducing my five-month-old puppy, Bisbee, to our glorious beach. We walked on the beach about 45 minutes. As I approached the sliding glass doors on our porch I took Bisbee off the leash. Something spooked her and she ran away.

I called and called for her going up the down the beach. Hours later I realized my worst fear; my little girl was lost in Playa Encanto and at night.

In the ensuing 20+ hours we searched everywhere for her. I say “we” because everyone on the beach joined in my desperate search.

Our security guards came to my assistance immediately. They recommended I leave all my doors open and lights on at my house in case she returned. I took their advice. My house was open and light up all night.

For hours, we rode on their quads up and down beach, the upper road and lower road, stopping every 50 feet to call her name. The guards continued their search through the night and walked the beach calling her name.

With the help of a neighbor, Laura, whom I had never met, we combed the beach for from 2-3:30 am.
I finally gave in to my exhaustion and dosed from 4 to 6 am, then began the search again.

The next day not only did I find our security guards still looking for her, but many of our neighbors had joined the search. People everywhere up and down our beach were looking for Bisbee. By noon there had been several dog sightings, but no Bisbee.

At 1:00 pm I told Jesus and Marcos that I was going to take our jeep on the beach toward the Mayan Palace (I was convinced that Bisbee had headed in that direction and not toward the estuary).

Concerned for my safety, they talked me out of going alone. I broke down in hysterics. They offered to go with me when they got off work. I agreed to wait for them or my husband’s arrival whichever occurred first.

At around 2:00pm Jesus and Marcos pulled up to my house in the garbage truck with Bisbee in their arms. She was thirsty, but otherwise unscathed. I cannot describe my joy, relief and gratitude. The small miracle I prayed for came true.

Neighbors I knew and some I had never met, security guards with whom I was familiar and some not, all understood my broken heart and my fear of my worst nightmare, never seeing Bisbee again or knowing what happened to her. They came to my help.

My thanks and sincere gratefulness to our security guards Haronid, Ricky, Rodolfo, Jesus, Marcos, Tony, Pedro, and to my neighbors Laura, Ronda and Joe, Bruce and Heidi, Eli and John, Al, Debbie and Buttercup, Jim and Elena and others who I may not have mentioned, thank you so much.

Be assured I will pay it forward.
It seems Playa Encanto is more than just a beautiful beach subdivision; it is a warm, compassionate community.

Liz Claiborne-Karic
P.S. Ricky has listed “Bisbee Lou,” as the guards now know her, as a member of our family!

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