Natural Flea Medicine For Dogs

There are a number of sources for natural flea medicine for dogs.

Fleas have been around for thousands of years and pests like fleas are known for causing dogs discomfort and when untreated for long periods of time can cause hair loss and irritated skin.

Dogs will often feel exhausted from all the nibbling and biting and almost have no energy to ward off all the fleas.

Your dog will start finding ways to get rid of the fleas by rolling around in the mud or a pile of dirt.

Often time’s fleas like to cling to clean animals and when there is a layer of mud on the dog's skin, it makes it very difficult for the flea to crawl around.

Dogs can brutally scratch themselves causing a series of cuts and open wounds, so be sure to have a good source of antiseptic around. Have a dog first aid kit and keep some natural flea medicine for dogs in it, so whenever an infestation breaks out, you will be ready.

Fleas have been sucking the blood of animals for a million years now. Fleas find comfort in carpets, couches, pets, and other mammals.

In fact, carpets are almost a guaranteed breeding ground for fleas, so you might want to either remove your carpet or find some anti-flea shampoo - helps deter fleas, flies and mosquitoes for dogs.

Especially if your pets frequently enter the household from the great outdoors.

The life cycle of a flea is very similar to that of a butterfly. As the female lays eggs, these eggs eventually turn into larvae. The next stage of the flea's cycle is where they turn into a cocoon and wait for a decent size mammal to come along.

They then awaken they suck the blood of the poor unsuspecting mammal and start mass producing. They literally spring out of their cocoon faster than an alien out of a human chest.

They can jump 100 times their own height, which is around four feet, to reach their needed victim.

In order for the female flea to produce, it needs to have a warm meal. A flea can survive without a meal for a little over a month and a half. The female can start laying eggs as soon as 36-48 hours after her very first meal and she can lay about 600 eggs in her lifetime.

The entire life of a flea can last anywhere from two weeks to eight months depending on their living conditions.

This takes some preparation, but planting lemon grass in your garden is a great flea repellent. Using apple cider vinegar is a great natural flea medicine for dogs.

Mix it with water and apply it to your dog after you have shampooed him. Feeding a clove of garlic to your dog every other day can increase his immune system and prevent fleas and ticks from biting him. Create a garlic spray by cutting and soaking bits of garlic in water and put it in a spray bottle.

Spray all across your dog twice a day and the fleas will soon drop off and die.

Another useful way to get rid of fleas, and in addition, deter mosquitoes, is to feed your dog vitamin B, which can be accomplished by sprinkling a small amount of nutritional yeast on his food.

Certain essential oils can be useful in preventing fleas from finding a home in bedding and carpets.  Some of these are lemon grass essential oil, and others like peppermint.  They also add a nice scent to the home too. Put a few drops in a spray bottle of water.

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