Natural Kennel Cough Treatment

Finding a natural kennel cough treatment is risky business if you don't know what you're doing. Dogs with certain allergies won't be able to tolerate some of the more common home remedies for kennel cough, and can actually end up worse off than before.

However, as we all know, kennel cough is a very frustrating virus to deal with, so finding an effective home remedy for kennel cough is at the top of most dog owners' lists.

Before trying any of these natural kennel cough treatment options, you should consult your vet about other options to find his opinion. None of the information in this article is meant to serve as medical advice, and should be used at your own risk.

That being said, kennel cough natural remedies have often been proven to be extremely effective, often as effective as their pharmaceutical counterparts and with fewer side effects.

As the name implies, kennel cough is most commonly spread in kennels where the dogs are packed closely together, so you may even want to use a few of these methods as preventative measures if your dog has been in a kennel recently or if you are planning to put your dog in a kennel.

Having thorough natural dog first aid knowledge will save both you and your dog a lot of pain and frustration in the long run.

The easiest natural kennel cough treatment is a simple combination of honey and lemon in your dog's water bowl.

Both honey and lemon will work to soothe your dog's throat and allow him to more easily expel mucus, which will do a lot towards relieving his kennel cough symptoms.

To use this remedy, place one tablespoon of honey with the same amount of lemon in a gallon of water.

Place this in your dog's water bowl and let him drink it.

He'll probably be pretty hesitant at first, but as he gets used to the smell and taste he shouldn't mind at all. In between each bowl of lemon/honey water, give him a fresh bowl of water, and continue doing this for at least a week, or until you see a reduction in the symptoms of kennel cough.

The measurements stated are for a medium to large dog of between 50 and 80 pounds, so if your dog is larger or smaller you can just adjust the amount accordingly.

Rest assured that there's no harm in giving the same amount to a smaller dog, since the kennel cough home remedy is safe and nontoxic.

The next line of defense should be garlic.

After you are sure that your dog is not allergic to garlic (which would make the garlic toxic), you can start giving him one garlic capsule per day until the symptoms start to disappear.

An alternative to using garlic pills is to mix up a sort of soup with a lot of garlic in it. You can use any ingredients you want, though the most effective is simply a few cloves of garlic, two boiled carrots, and a few cups of broth.

Blend all of these together until you have a runny soup and pour it onto the food at mealtime.

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