Negasunt poisonous to dogs

by Claire
(Trinidad and Tobago)

Powder form pharmaceutical

Powder form pharmaceutical

Is Negasunt poisonous to dogs? I have used it to remove maggots on a leg wound on a a six year old Rottweiler.

He has licked it off . He now seems to have a kidney problem - Sudden and acute.

The vet said I should put him to sleep as kidney problems are irreparable but he was fine just a week ago and I did not do this. He is being treated with a drip to rehydrate and an antibiotic.

Can it be poisoning from me packing his wound with Nagasunt?
Is there an antidote?

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Sep 05, 2010
by: Wayne

Yes, it is poisonous.

I've never even heard of it being used on dogs outside of 3rd world countries, but even there, they only use it in areas which the dog cannot reach to lick (either due to location on the dog's body or through use of some sort of restraint like an e-collar).

Ingesting the powder will kill a dog in the way you are describing--kidney and/or liver failure.

I'm so sorry! He may recover, but this is from the Negasunt, yes.

Dec 19, 2012
Bayer/Negasunt class ll powder/20122012
by: Peter

I have been using Negasunt class ll powder since 1997,on dogs wounds ---a small wound-- to a serious wound of which were big and so bad, even the bone was visible, looks like the sitiuation was out of hand and no one was willing to send it to vet on costly medication. And, at that time i only had Negasunt class ll powder; a spare for my dog; the best powder i kept for dog.

I applied the powder on that serious wound as said above, twice daily, morning and evening once, after two weeks totally recovered, the third week the fur came out from the skin.

Now, the dog is in good shape.Sometimes, i did try on human, me and my friend of which the wound was hardly recover from clinic treatments. The Negasunt class ll powder gives very fast and very good results too..just hard to obtain now..12DEC2012; 1:28am by John Liew

May 09, 2016
Negasunt toxic to puppies
by: Cheryl

My vet told me to use Negasunt powder on my one week old puppies and they immediately became very sick and died within hours. Please, do NOT use negasunt powder on puppies.

Dec 14, 2017
by: edison

i was about to put it on my dogs tail but i realise that it says slighlty toxic,so i didnt bother especially as he keeps licking off whatever u place on his tail

Jun 09, 2020
Killer negasunt
by: Joe

Negasunt is killed my lovely dog today I am very angry with this - ban it... 😭😭😭😭😭

Oct 30, 2022
by: Eric

I've used this product many times on my hunting dogs and it works perfect.

Oct 30, 2022
by: Jacki

Eric, more details would help - what were the conditions that you used it in, and how old were the dogs, etc etc. There are so many factors in this type of product.

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