No Bark Dog Collar

Owners need to purchase a no bark dog collar if they are finding trouble with their dog's barking habits. Collars like these are great methods to completely eliminate your dog's irritating barking. Some dogs just like to bark at the wind and these can drive a lot of the people in the house crazy. The neighbors might also be complaining about the noise and landlords might be sending you eviction notices because of your loud dog.

For a quick solution to help your dog stop barking, purchasing a no bark dog collar really helps and works within days. Many owners are extremely pleased with the results and this has saved them from the unforgivable crime of being irritating neighbors. Usually bark collars do not require a remote control in order to work. The device detects either sound or vibration from your dog's throat and reacts to these sounds by giving out a citronella spray or by sending a tiny little shock. Both the spray and the shocks are low enough to be irritating for the dog and will not harm him.

That being said, you will want to avoid buying any kind of cheap collar material. For devices like these, it can never hurt to spend a couple of extra bucks on a good high quality no bark dog collar. This helps ensure the buckle, the prongs, and the overall collar doesn't fall apart on you after a couple of months of use. If you are worried about spending too much money on a collar, then you can always buy good quality used collars for a cheaper price. When you're buying it used, you have no guarantee of how well the device will work until you get home and try it on your dog. The previous owners might not have the instructions lying around the house any more as well.

Setup is relatively easy and if you're finding any trouble, you can also Google search on the web your collar's brand and model to find the necessary instructions. You will want to charge the battery for at least 12 to 24 hours before using the collar on your dog. You never want to leave the collar on your dog for more than 12 hours as it can start to become very uncomfortable for your pet. This greatly depends on the brand, but a fully charged collar can last anywhere between a day to three days.

In terms of your dog's safety, it is never good to simply leave the collar on him whenever you feel like it. Leaving the collar on your dog when you're going out of the house is always acceptable. You can also leave the collar on while you're with him and watching his behavior. If your dog follows a certain barking pattern, for example he always barks at the mailman at 9am, then you will want to be present to try and teach him that this activity is wrong. Completely eliminating his barking can become a problem for him and can potentially make him paranoid.

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