Questions that you absolutely must ask before bringing an older puppy home

Are you considering bringing home an older puppy that is older than twelve weeks?

If so then it is important to get two important assurances from the particular breeder in which you are buying the puppy from.

Due to the age of the puppy, please make sure of the following considerations:

1. The first thing that you want to know from the breeder is if he or she took the older puppy out of his pen on a regular basis. This is important so that the pup was able to experience different environments.

2. If not then the puppy will develop what is called “kennel shyness”.

As soon as your little dog is introduced into your new home it will take an extremely long time for him to overcome the fears of the new surroundings.

3. The next important item that you will want to make sure of when bringing home a puppy from a breeder is whether or not the dog spent a lot of time alone with someone on a regular basis.

4. This could be something such as fifteen or twenty minutes per day. If not, then the dog’s socialization might be retarded.

This will cause you to spend a lot of extra time and effort to bring your puppy up to speed with a normal attitude towards other dogs and other people.

Hot Tip: The urge to bring home two or more puppies at the same time may be strong.

How can you resist?

But if two older puppies are desired, do not bring them home at the same time.

It is important to wait until the first puppy is at least five months old before introducing the second puppy to the household. By the time five months or so has gone by, the first dog will have bonded with you and should be comfortable spending more time alone in his area or the yard.

The reason why this is vital is because you will want to have your new puppy’s undivided attention at all times so that you both completely bond with each other.

If you have two or more new dogs at the same time, they will tend to bond more with each other instead of learning to connect with you.

Puppy and human bonding is essential to a superior relationship.

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