Pam Schulz

by Pamela Schulz
(Warrington Cheshire . England )

Hi, we got our dog Samson a Staffordshire Bull terrier cross from a rescue centre. We fell in love with him the 1st time we saw him . We were told that he was 4yrs old. Samson has started to chew things I bought him a bed he chewed the stuffing out of that, so this morning we have got him a cot mattress which he seems to like. He sleeps a lot don't know if this is normal for a four year old. My daughter has a Staffordshire Bull who is also four years old and she does chew stuff . Samson seems to give me more protection when I am on my own. My partner goes on his xbox as soon as he puts this on Samson goes upstairs and stays there until he turns the Game off. Samson has really bad wind especially when he has had his meals. Is it safe to give him rich tea biscuits?

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