by Starwolf
(Laguna Beach CA)

We have several dogs and most are rescue. One of the mini chis had a bad case of threadworms/pinworms that we could not get rid of for over a year. Her little 4 pound body was all puffy, her nails grew until they curled over her paws, she had bad breath, and of course was ravenous all of the time and ate all of the left overs from the other dogs. As we all know parasites wreak havoc on the body.

Being that we are all natural and holistic in our house I was at my wits end on how to get rid of them. The other dogs did not seem to get them which is beyond me why they all were not infected. I tried garlic and yeast, homeopathic drops, apple cider vinegar, and herbal remedies. I could lessen the condition but not get rid of it as nightly I had to use a sticky tape roll to get all of the dried out dead worm casings from the bedding.

My last resort was food grade diatamaceous earth or DE. I started by using a syringe in her mouth and then I got creative and would add it to her homemade broth as I make most of my Dog Food. Likewise, I gave it to all of the dogs. The DE expels all of the larvae and their hasn't been any re-occurrence.

If you try these methods, I must warm you that it was the most gagging thing to see and clean up.

Now we just have them all on maintenance DE in their feed once a day instead of twice a day and it seems to be working great.

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