Pekingese Breed Information

Dogs of the Pekingese Breed are an excellent selection for a loyal companion as well as a great show dog.

They originated in ancient times from China. Pekingese History details them first being shown in 1893 but that they were not AKC recognized until 1909.

In history, Queen Victoria received these dogs and greatly coveted them. This is thought to be the reasoning behind their great love of pampering today.

Appearance of the Breed

The Pekingese Dog is often said to be lion-like. This lion-like perception stems from a luxurious thick mane and double coat.

Pekingese dogs have a thick undercoat that is quite soft and a course outer coat that is straight. This is somewhat of a compact breed that is slightly longer than tall.

Pekingese dogs have forequarters that are heavier than their hindquarters. Their faces are rather flat with ears that are heart shaped and long.

Pekingese can be of any color. Some are marked while others are not. Their noses, eye outlines and lips are black.

Temperamental Pet

Owners will notice how this courageous and feisty canine often gets in over its head. Pekingese seem to be stubborn and extremely opinionated.

Many Pekingese owners note an ongoing struggle for power. Although Pekingese are extremely owner devoted, they tend to show minimal outward affection.

These canines learn socialization skills at early ages when exposed to other pets. Less interaction with other animals hinders a Pekingese dog’s ability to be affectionate and to socialize.

Pekingese Behavior changes greatly around any strangers. They bark excessively as a defense mechanism. Older adult owners find the Pekingese breed to be a great watchdog bringing peace of mind and security.

Pekingese Breed Care and Maintenance

Pekingese Health should be maintained through regular visits to a qualified vet. This breed of dog is an inside pet. They should never be kept outside.

Prolonged exposure to heat can be deadly for this canine. Early vaccinations will help to defend Pekingese from many of the fatal illnesses and diseases that plague the small canine. Some regular physical activity is recommended to keep your dog from gaining too much weight and becoming lazy.

Expected life span of Pekingese Dogs is around fifteen years.

Additional Information about the Pekingese Breed

Your Pekingese will require a great deal of attention. You will want to become educated about the breed and Dog First Aid before bringing home your new pet.

This breed brings a great deal of joy and loyalty to their families. Before selecting a Pekingese, you should consider what you have to offer the pet and if you can provide a healthy environment.

Properly matching your needs with those of your Pekingese will make for a happier home for both you and your canine.

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