Pekingese Characteristics Information

Pekingese Characteristics are something that you are drawn to when choosing this breed.

After some thorough research, my decision was based on these unmistakable characteristics that belonged to the Pekingese Dog.

Following several visits to a local breeder, I chose and purchased my first Pekingese Breed canine. My family was intently at awe of this creature and his undeniable beauty. Together, we named him Lil’ Joe and our adventure began.

Our Never Ending Adventure

Through my constant research and hunger for knowledge, I knew that Lil’ Joe could grow to be around 12 to 15 pounds. He was bursting with energy and constantly involved in whatever else was going on in my home.

He demanded our attention and seemed to automatically know how to get it. Fortunately, I had looked into Pekingese Characteristics of how to groom a Pekingese and was glad I had invested this time.

His thick outer coat was straight and gorgeous. It stood out over his wide body and covered a luxuriously soft undercoat.

He had a remarkable mane around his neck area that gave way to a legendary lion-like appearance. Grooming became a regular part of our days.

Lil’ Joe soon learned to enjoy this part of his care. His large heart shaped ears requires grooming. Hairs on their ears are often stained and can be simply and carefully trimmed away for new growth.

Pekingese can be of nearly any color. My Lil’ Joe has a reddened outer coat with a pillow-like white undercoat. His entrancing dark eyes are very large. Pekingese Characteristics about their eyes is they do not set completely in their eye socket and are protruded.

This makes injury to their eyes very common. You should educate yourself with some simple Dog First Aid in case of such an occurrence.

Proper action in such an injury could keep your dog from being blinded until proper care is administered. Lil’ Joe, like other Pekingese, has a broad and flat face. His nose is black, broad and short with open nostrils.

This is why Pekingese Health is plagued with breathing problems. You will need to exercise great care when exposing your dog to extreme weather conditions.

Physical exhaustion is often prevalent with overexertion. Frequent periods of rest will be needed if you have your pet out on very hot or cold days.

They often begin to rapidly pant and wheeze. Heat stroke is very common with this breed and can only be avoided by exercising these cautions.

Our Pekingese Dog is a provocative creature that has stolen our hearts. His self-confidence is overwhelming and admirable.

With style and charisma, he demands attention from each person who enters our home. Lil’ Joe has an uncanny way of strolling about the room with his fringed tail slightly arched over his back. It is as if he is saying, “This is MY domain.”

It took some effort on my part to show this magnificent little guy who was boss. With some relentless aggression on my part, Lil’ Joe soon learned some better behavior.

The Pekingese Characteristics are very outgoing and demanding but yet, I have never once regretted bringing this guy into my home. He has made for many wonderful memories and a great many laughs.

With a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years, I know there are many more wonderful years to come.

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