Pekingese Health Information

Pekingese Health was a great concern of mine when I first got my darling canine.

I had done some research on the Pekingese Dog and had consulted a local vet. Knowing my new dog had came from a highly reputable breeder; I expected he would live from twelve to fifteen years.

I also knew that the Pekingese Breed had many possible Pekingese health issues.

Like me, new Pekingese owners should make themselves aware of all possible health issues. In the following, you will find a few of the major issues that you should monitor for.

Potential Eye Issues

Certain Pekingese Characteristics such as their small skull and flat face often contribute to certain Pekingese health conditions.

These characteristics often cause eye ulcers to develop. Several different corneal ulcers can be brought on by infections or eye trauma. A poorly healing type of ulcer is the refractory ulcer. Ulcers of this type occur most often in the Pekingese than any other breed of canine.

This happens generally in middle to older age Dogs. Injury to the eyes of your Pekingese is very likely. Their eyes are slightly exposed because they do not sit very far inside the eye socket. Caution should be used to help in protecting your pet’s eyes from furniture edges and corners or other potentially sharp objects.

At anytime that you feel as if your dog has an issue or problem with their eyes, you should immediately consult your vet. You should also educate yourself about Dog First Aid. In the case of an eye injury, you will want to stabilize the incident until you can reach your dog’s vet.

Pekingese Health Breathing Problems

Pekingese Breathing Problems are another major concern with this small breed.

Extended periods of time spent outdoors often causes these breathing issues to occur. Characteristics of a flat face and structure of their noses also greatly contributes to the development of breathing problems.

Breathing issues can cause your dog to have difficulty in temperature regulation. Other characteristics that could cause breathing ailments are their pinched nostrils and extra throat tissue.

Other Ailments

Pekingese dogs have the potential for developing back problems due to the structure of their bodies. When I pick my little Pekingese up, I am always sure to adequately support his back by placing my hands underneath his stomach and chest.

You should be aware that as your dog ages, they may develop dislocated kneecaps. This is very common with this breed of canine.

Preventative Measures

To ensure that my little Pekingese enjoys a long and healthy life, I do my very best to feed him a proper diet. With poor quality diets, your Pekingese may develop a great amount of gas on his stomach. Some breeds of dogs, like Pekingese, may even be allergic to poor quality foods on the market today.

Many of these contain corn, wheat or soy. My Pekingese is healthy and happy being fed fresh foods. He feeds on lean meats, veggies and fruits.

When choosing a diet for your dog, try selecting from one that includes minerals and nutrients like calcium and protein. A nutritionally fed Pekingese will bound with energy and health.

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