Pekingese History Information

I was amazed to find a great deal of lore in Pekingese History when researching this breed.

Fascinating legend tells of a great lion falling in love with a tiny monkey. This great lion prayed to the gods to make his stature small enough for him to be able to woo his beloved monkey.

His prayer was answered and a union between the two produced a small offspring. This tiny offspring had the form of a lion and the characteristics of a monkey. It was given tremendous courage and grand dignity.

Cherished by Royalty

Over two thousand years ago, Pekingese Dogs were held as royalty in China. Emperor of the Han Dynasty had a vision that he revered as being a Buddha figure.

In this vision, he was encouraged to send out officials from his court to find information about Buddhist religion. Soon after officials returned with their knowledge, a great temple was constructed and Buddhism was practiced. An esteemed and great lion was the symbol of Buddhism. However, Chinese culture had never encountered such a creature. They were awed by this divine animal.

With only images of what this astounding creature resembled, Chinese began to breed dogs that had characteristics of lions. This was the beginning of the Pekingese Breed.

They were known as Fu dogs. Pekingese Characteristics came from this determined breeding.

Fu dogs were deemed royalty and pampered as such. Commoners of the Chinese kingdom were never allowed to own one of these canines. Stealing a Fu dog was a crime punished by certain death.

Continued Breeding

Breeding of Fu dogs continued vigorously. Members of Chinese royalty wanted a Fu dog that would ever so closely resemble a lion. There were literally thousands of eunuchs who were given the job of caring for the cherished canines and breeding them.

Pregnant Pekingese or Fu dogs were kept in special rooms where they were surrounded by stimulation. This stimulus was thought to enhance the characteristics of the pups within the mother. Sculptures and prints of elegant dogs were placed about the suites. Sheepskin bedding was used to promote a luxurious coat.

Spread of the Breed

Around 1860, China was invaded and most of the royalty fled. Many of the officials committed suicide in order to avoid being captured and tortured. They were found with many of the Fu dogs surrounding their bodies. It was said the dogs were grieving the loss of their masters.

Remaining dogs were taken to England and spoils of the war. From this point in pekingese history, these dogs were given to many couples of royalty. Queen Victoria received a dog that she named Looty.

In the Windsor Castles today, a painting of this fine canine still hangs upon the wall. As gifts of appreciation and payment of services, Pekingese dogs soon made their way across the globe.

With much pekingese history, they were revered by all who encountered them. Pekingese Dogs are a healthy and rather independent breed. Owners need to educate themselves in Dog First Aid and proper diet. Vaccinations and regular visits to a qualified vet are also an important part of their care.

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