Pink Eye In Dogs

Out of the possible eye problems that dogs can face, pink eye in dogs is often the most irritating.

The same bacteria that causes pink eye in humans cause it, and most of the symptoms are similar as well. Also known as conjunctivitis, pink eye in dogs is easy to detect, and treatment basically consists of patience and some eye drops for dogs to reduce the irritation and itchiness of the condition.

Like most animals, your dog's eyes are an extremely good indicator of its overall health. Think of the last time you saw a person who had red, bleary eyes. They probably looked tired or sickly, and it definitely looked like something was wrong with them.

Now think about a person who has bright, shining white eyes. They probably had a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Dogs are the same way; when your dog has an eye issue it can mean that there's something that isn't quite right on the inside.

An important part of diagnosing pink eye in dogs is remembering that there are a lot of other diseases that can cause the same symptoms. In fact, general dirt or debris in the dogs eyes can have nearly the exact same effect as cherry eye in dogs .

Before you jump the gun and whip out your dog first aid kit to check for dog pink eye, do a thorough examination of the eye, underneath the lid, and around the area to make sure there's nothing stuck inside that could be irritating the eye.

The symptoms that you should be looking for include a very noticeable pink or reddish hue around the dog's eye.

Other symptoms may include an excess of eye discharge that's coming out of the eye, which could be yellow, green, or clear and might collect around the bottom lid; dog eye stains, bloodshot eyes, possibly with little red blood vessels showing up in the whites of the eye; or an inflammation of the surrounding tissue, which may or may not be present.

If you can't tell for sure whether it's pink eye or not based on those criteria, look online for other pictures of dogs with pink eye, or visit your veterinarian and describe the symptoms to him.

On your own, you can start treating pink eye in dogs by wiping the area with a warm, soft cloth moistened with water. There's a lot of irritation that comes with this disease so you can help calm your dog down by wiping gently to clear away any crust or fluid buildup around the outer surface of the eye. Talk to your dog in a calm, reassuring voice so that he doesn't get agitated.

There's a good chance that there is something lodged towards the back of the dog's eye as well, so flush the eye with some lukewarm water and see if you can spot anything. If there is something there, take your dog to your vet rather than trying to get rid of it yourself. Always stay calm so that your dog doesn't get excited or nervous.

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