Poison for ants

by Joan Manahan
(New Jersey)

My dog Sadie is a highly intelligent hound dog and is mostly a beagle. She was a rescue and I only had her three months when we almost had a disaster. I put a plastic container which was a product used to kill ants along a path never used by dogs, near by back yard.

When I was not home and Sadie was inside, my lawn men cut the lawns including the back lawn. They somehow pulled one of the packets under the front gate entrance to the backyard so it was sticking into the yard. I let Sadie out into the yard and did not see the object, but Sadie did and was munching on it when I found her.

I took the product and had the poison control number on my refrigerator so I called them immediately. Sadie was running around the kitchen and seemed fine. I read the ingredients to them and they researched the product. They said she could not have eaten enough to hurt her but told me to give her some bread to eat and keep a close eye on her.

Thank God she was fine. Needless to say I threw away the rest of the containers.

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