Poodle Grooming Information

Poodle Grooming is an important part of owning a poodle.

These dogs are ideal for people who are allergic to dogs because they do not shed their fur. Poodles do not have traditional fur like other dog breeds have.

This means that instead of shedding, their hair grows and needs to be trimmed like human hair. Their hair usually needs to be trimmed about every six to eight weeks.

Poodle Puppies will require different kind of fur maintenance because they are still young and growing. There hair is extremely soft and the texture can differ between light waves of hair to well-defined curls.

Their coat will change as the Miniature Poodle Puppy grows older. This usually happens between the ages of 9 to 18months. While this change goes on, it is very important to brush them every day to help prevent any hair from getting matted.

When competing in the conformation ring, it is important that Your Dogs Ears are well kept. Checking your dog's ears for an ear infection, any wax or Ear Mites is almost required.

Removing any hair that lies in the ear canal, helps reduce the likeliness of an ear infection and helps keep your dog's appearance tidy. Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth often will also help keep him well groomed.

The American Kennel Club has three standards to what the fur should look like. The puppy clip is only allowed for dogs under the age of one. This is a simple trim where the tail is shaped like a ball.

Owners will have to pick between the Continental clip and the English Saddle trim for Poodle Dogs that are older than this. The modified continental clip is also accepted in the conformation ring, but it depends on the event's standards.

There are other clip styles such as town and country clip, summer clip kennel or utility clip, and the Miami of bikini clip.

Hiring a professional dog groomer can become expensive at times; so many dog owners actually groom their dog themselves. There are many tutorials online that help you with Poodle grooming and prevent you from messing up your dog's coat or style.

Poodle grooming is not as hard as many people think and it simply takes a bit of practice to get used to. Keep the poodle's coat well maintained and healthy quite easy. Usually diet is what makes a coat shiny and healthy, so feeding your dog nutritious Dog Food will help reduce your Daily Dog Grooming burden.

When the dog's coat starts to become matted or tangled quite easily, it might simply mean that you are not blow drying and combing the hair properly.

However, if you are doing all these things correctly and you notice that the fur is becoming more tangled than it used too, then it might be a sign of a serious Dog Health Problem.

Hair is usually one of the big indicators that something is wrong. Talking to your vet and having a Dog First Aid Kit can greatly reduce any concerns you might have.

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