Poodle Training Information

Poodle Training is one of the easiest things you can do with your poodle.

Poodles are the 2nd most intelligent dogs in the world, so you know that they can quickly grasp concepts. If you take them to any Dog Obedience Training school, they will surely come out at the top of their class without much trouble.

However, if you would like to save some money and train on your own time, then here are some simple tricks to help start your training.

The best way for a dog to learn is through treats and praise. You only really need these things to help get started. There are a wide verity of dog treats available at the supermarket. You probably do not want to buy the cheapest treat possible, as you never really know what kind of ingredients they'll put in to it.

So just make sure that whatever treat you buy it is of good quality, won't make your dog sick, and your dog will crave more of it. If there is a puppy version vs adult version, buy whichever is cheaper as the only thing different is the size of the treat.

Smaller sizes are actually best for training, so use your best judgment. You can actually feed your dog cut up sausages and other meats, though it might not be recommend for long periods of poodle training as meat can go bad quickly.

Praise and tone of voice is equally important because you need to let your dog know that what he is doing is positive. Praising through a monotone voice is not going to give you good results.

Dogs like to please their owners, so reminding them constantly that they are doing a good job is always good. When you notice your dog doing the exact opposite of what you asked, then be sure to have a strong and firm 'no' to it, but never shout or scream.

Your Poodle can actually be quite sensitive in this area and might lose confidence in his abilities afterward. If your Poodle Dog is still being stubborn, then after the no, slightly smack him on his nose.

Do not beat or wound the dog, just sort of tap him enough that it makes your point clear, but does not hurt him. If he whines to your smack, then you are most definitely doing it too hard.

When you are poodle training it is good to give your dog a couple of breaks. This will help him recharge. Throw a ball or a stick and let him fetch for it, it doesn't need to be a long break, maybe about 15 minutes or so before going back into it.

During playtime or training, you can really notice if there is something wrong with your dog's health. It might just be a simple Dog First Aid fix or you might want to go ahead and ask your vet about it.

You might not notice this with a Poodle Puppy, but if you have obtained an older one through a rescue center or through a shelter, then it could be a sign of cancer.

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