Do You Have a
Pregnant Chihuahua?

Most owners are a little skeptical when it comes to a Pregnant Chihuahua.

If you think you have a Chihuahua that is pregnat first look for signs.

  • The first sign is your Chihuahua will not be as energetic as she once was before and sleep more often then usual.
  • The second sign will be that her stomach will appear bigger very quickly. A pregnant Chihuahua will start showing more quickly than most other breeds.
  • The third sign is that her stomach will be hard.
  • The Forth sign is her nipples will be enlarged more than normal and this will happen very quickly.
  • The last sign to look for with a pregnant Chihuahua is that she will clean her self more often than usual.

There are many rumors such as when a Chihuahua gives birth that it will die. This is not the case; the fact is that a Chihuahua will most likely need to deliver the Chihuahua Puppies through cesarean section.

It can be risky but there is nothing to fear. There are many ways to keep your Chihuahua safe and comfortable.

One of the ways that you can tell if your Chihuahua is ready to give birth is her internal temperature.

Use a rectal thermometer and insert it about an inch inside her rectal area. A normal Chihuahuas temperature should be anywhere between 101 and 102.5° F. Once your Chihuahuas temperature has dropped below 100° F, she will give birth in less than 24 hours.

When this happens make sure that your Chihuahua is in an area that she feels safe and comfortable.

When she is in labor she may vomit and start a crying like sound. Crying is normal but look for warning signs.

These signs are a pregnancy more then 70 days, her temperature has dropped and after 24 hrs there’s vomiting and crying but no puppies have came out, she seems to be in a lot of pain and only 1 puppy has come. When these signs appear, immediately take your Chihuahua to a vet.

If your Chihuahua is giving birth through cesarean section there may be fur loss due to anesthetics. In due time the fur will grow back and is perfectly normal.

If your Chihuahua is giving natural birth the puppies will come out as soon as her water has broken or the amniotic sac has come out. The puppies will come out 1 at a time and in some cases they will come out one by one in a time span of up to 2 hours.

If the sac has come out during this procedure the mother Chihuahua will eat the sac, this is normal. As the puppies are being born the mother Chihuahua will began licking the puppies clean which is completely normal. She may eat or chew the umbilical cord too.

Just as humans in pregnancy, a pregnant Chihuahuas placenta will come out after birth and this may be eaten also.

Here is some more information you should read So You Have a Pregnant Dog.

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