Your Pregnant Dogs Health Is Important

Your pregnant dogs health is always important, for the health of the puppies and for ease of whelping.

The healthier a dog is when she becomes pregnant the more likely it is that she will remain this way during the pregnancy.

(FYI) Normally the pregnancy will last for about sixty-three days.

You may be able to see many changes in your dog while she is carrying the puppies. Some of the things you can expect from your pregnant dog are discussed in the following.

Appetite and Nutrition

The amount of food that your expectant dog may require will increase. The litter that she is carrying will require more and more nourishment, which gives her an increased appetite.

You should choose an improved diet for your pet that consists of a dog food that is recommended for the growth of a puppy. This food will also be needed during the time the puppies are nursing.

Dogs also experience morning sickness and may be nauseated or have no appetite during the third week of the pregnancy. If morning sickness lasts longer than a week, you should contact your veterinarian as something more serious may be happening to your dog. Dietary supplements are not needed during this time as long as the dog is eating a healthy diet.

Veterinarian Checkups

Once you feel as if your dog is pregnant, you should wait about thirty days before bringing her to the veterinarian. At this point, you pet can have a thorough checkup and the pregnancy can be confirmed.

If for some reason this pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted, you may want to go earlier. You may be able to have this pregnancy terminated and consider having your canine spayed.Some vets will do this while the dog is pregnant, others won't.  Shop around.

Exercise promotes your pregnant dogs health, so don't let her sit around.

No matter the breed of dog you own, you should remember not to place the dog in stressful situations such as competitions and training. The mother-to-be does need regular exercise such as daily walks. Avoid bouncing types of exercise unless the dog is already active in agility.

Many dogs become obese during pregnancy and this can be a very dangerous health problem. The litter can be at risk if the level of blood sugar is elevated. If your dog develops nutritional problems, your veterinarian can give you suggestions to promote the proper type of diet and exercise programs to help her with a successful pregnancy.

Other pregnant dogs health issues;

Your pregnant canine should never receive vaccinations. These contain harmful agents that could negatively affect the unborn puppies. When you are planning to breed your pet, you should vaccinate her beforehand. This will allow her to pass any immunity to the pups during the initial nursing after birth.

However, you can continue the use of preventative heartworm products. These are not harmful while the dog is pregnant or during nursing.

To prevent fleas, you may use an approved product. There are several available for use in pregnancy.

There are many issues that can harm your pregnant dog and her unborn puppies. You will need to discuss these possibilities and the preventative measures with your veterinarian. They can provide you with the much-needed information to ensure that the pregnant dogs health and her litter remain healthy.

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