So You Have a
Pregnant Pekingese

When taking care of my Pregnant Pekingese, I had no idea what to expect.

I sought knowledge from many sources such as online and from my vet. You should be aware of the many changes that are going to occur when your Pekingese becomes pregnant.

The following are some aspects of a Pregnant Pekingese dog are briefly discussed.

Some Early Signs

My beautiful Pekingese seemed to become more radiant as her pregnancy progressed. Her Pekingese Characteristics seemed to be more profound than ever. During the early stages, she had some decrease in appetite.

Her activity level diminished as well. My vet informed me that this was due to the fluctuation of the hormone levels. As part of the natural pregnancy process, my little companion began to develop nipples.

This is nature’s way of preparing the female for milk production. I was also advised that my Pekingese might have mood changes.

She became rather withdrawn as if she wanted to be simply left alone. She seemed content in preparing for her new motherhood.

As Pregnancy Progresses

About three or four weeks after initial pregnancy, my pet began eating more and more. She began to gain weight showing in her thick stomach.

Massaging her tummy, I noticed a marked amount of firmness instead of her normal fat stomach. She continued to seem to want to be by herself. Most of her time was spent sleeping or lying lounged on her side.

Late Term Phase

Most breeds of dogs deliver sometime after 56 days. My Pekingese was nearing her last days of gestation. I knew my Pregnant Dog was carrying an average amount of pups as her abdomen increased dramatically in size.

Her abdomen was nearly dragging the ground as she walked. A canine only carrying one or two pups will only have a slight increase in abdominal size. During the last few weeks of pregnancy, I began to see the pups move.

In the few days before birth, movement is remarkably increased as the litter positions itself for birthing process. Noticeable milk expression began just as delivery drew near.

A couple of days before my Pekingese gave birth; she became restless and began preparing for labor. She continuously positioned the blankets and clothes that I had placed in her pinned area.

This is a natural instinct of most dog breeds. You should try to prepare your little mommy-to-be with an area that she is comfortable in.

This is often best as your Pekingese may choose your couch cushion as a birthing area.

Soon she had four beautiful Pekingese puppies. She was a natural mother to these tiny and helpless creatures.

Watching this entire process from start to finish was so astonishing and rewarding. My new mommy Pekingese had grown from this very existence and was now watching dotingly over her little family.

Soon after their birth, I took mother and puppies for a check-up with our vet to ensure Pekingese Health of the entire lot.

Although, my Pekingese Dog had no problems with her first birthing process; I had educated myself on Dog First Aid just in case.

I was prepared to help my Pregnant Pekingese at the first sign of a problem.

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Pregnant Pekingese to Dog First Aid 101

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