How to build your puppies self confidence through Friendship

If you want your Puppies self confidence to grow up to be a fast learner with a remarkable ability to learn new tricks and training protocols on a whim, then building the pup’s self confidence is the key.

It is a proven fact that the more self-confidence a puppy has, the more quickly he will learn things. Teaching your Puppies self confidence is very easy.

Simply talk to your puppy.

Always tell him how much of a good dog he is (of course only when he is being good, and not doing bad things).

It also helps to keep your puppy with you as much as humanly possible. This does not mean that you need to be attached to him by the hip, just that so long as it is convenient to have the puppy by your side when you can.

Just do not isolate her for long periods of times.

This can be detrimental for your dog’s development and many new dog owners who do not have a lot of time because of work or travel, make this mistake.

You do not have to always be directly stimulating your puppy in order to build your Puppies self confidence.

There are many ways in which you can spend time with your puppy indirectly while you are doing other activities.

For example you may be watching television or sitting on the patio reading while your dog is by your side.

Occasionally talk to your pup and pet her.

Allow your puppy to sit at your feet while you are in the kitchen washing dishes.

Many small dogs absolutely love doing this. In fact, all four of my Chihuahuas loved to gather at my feet while I was in the kitchen.

Just be careful, as this could be dangerous if you trip over them.

Basically, all that is needed to build your Dogs self confidence is to spend a lot of time alone with the dog.

Play with him.

Groom him while saying nice things to him.

And of course, start teaching your puppy simple new tricks that are both fun and safe, like learning to sit, come, stay, etc.

puppies self confidence - new puppy

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