Puppy Toilet Training Advice

Many inexperienced dog owners are seeking advice on Puppy Toilet Training.

Dog owners can sometimes find it difficult to train their puppy properly, especially if they are completely new at owning and training dogs. This is not as difficult as it might seem, however if you have already started then it might take a long time trying to make your puppy unlearn training mistakes owners have taught them.

Keep in mind that the only way your New Puppy is going to learn is through you and if you do not teach them then they will just continue to develop bad habits. It is important not to give up on them and have your house smelling like a toilet at the end of the day.

The best advice on puppy toilet training is: Consistency. Consistency is the most important thing you need to take with you while training. Consistent training can take anywhere from three months to six months for your Puppy Housetraining to be complete. It can even take longer for older dogs or for owners who are not consistent.

Take your dog outside whenever they have finished eating, it can sometimes take a while for them to go to the bathroom but it is recommended that you do not let them back in until they has gone. When they go, give them a treat and praise them for good behavior. Positive tone of voice greatly helps the process and makes the puppy realize that you want them to go outside instead of inside the house.

The best advice on puppy toilet training is to making sure and clarify that your puppy knows the difference between right and wrong. No matter how young or cute your dog is, you need to remember that you have to be firm.

Dog owners will tend to let a lot of things go unnoticed with puppies because they are young and do not know better. This is a big mistake, you need to treat your dog fairly and you must let them know that defecting in the house is the wrong thing to do. If you find the accident inside the house take your puppy to it and tell him firmly, 'no' or 'bad'.

You will have accidents in the beginning this is almost expected, but be sure to start to notice the warning signs that your puppy is about to go. If you notice them, then quickly take them outside and give them a treat after they have finished there business.

They will have signs like sniffing the floor, circling the ground, whimpering, take off to another room, or they will simply just go without warning.

Your puppy needs constant supervision and it might be a good idea to quarantine him or her off in a separate room so you can watch over them more easily.

Puppies will often get themselves in trouble, be sure you have some sort of antiseptic for dogs or a Dog First Aid Kit to help with any bumps and cuts along the way.

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