Puppy toys!

Puppy toys can add a much-needed amount of variety into your puppy’s environment.

However, when it comes to giving your puppy something new to play with, be a stickler about safety.

You do not want to give your dog anything that may break or toys that are sharp enough to stab them selves with.

From the age of four weeks on, your little dog will enjoy using toys to mouth on and also to play little fetch games by itself.

An example of a simple toy that costs next to nothing would be a peace of hard wood, with round edges, cut to the length of about an inch or more longer that the pup’s mouth.

You local pet supply store will also have a large variety of play toys in stock.

They are very colorful and come in many sizes, depending on the puppy size of your breed.

Remember, there is no need to spend a lot of money on toys unless you feel the need to spend it.

In fact, the only criteria that you need to concern yourself with when getting toys is making sure the toy is of a size and weight where you dog can pick it up with its mouth and push/pull it around with its nose.

Try to stick with toys that roll around after they have been moved.

Puppy’s love chasing after them and you will have fun watching your little pup chase and act like these rolling toys are chasing him.

You can probably dive into your kitchen right now and create the perfect toy.

Simply use a four-ounce can with both ends smoothly removed as a toy.

He will love it.

Also, you can use those small cardboard frozen juice containers as an excellent toy for your puppy.

puppy toys - new puppy

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