Puppy With Bad Hips

by Susan
(Concord CA)

Holly Looking For Squirrels

Holly Looking For Squirrels

I adopted Holly from a shelter when she was almost 4 months old. Her litter-mate was in the same pen, but they decided she was not adoptable due to a lame leg, and instead, she was going to be sent to a rescue group.

Holly soon showed the same signs of lameness as her sister - her hip would pop out at the slightest provocation. I never noticed any actual signs of pain, she'd just lift her leg and keep running on three legs. I decided to try and pop it back in.

I'd turn her on her back and "bicycle" her legs and within a couple "cycles" I could feel a pop and she'd be fine again.

Eventually I realized that if she just sat down, flexing her hip, it would bring about the same result so I started to tell her "Sit and fix you leg" whenever she needed it. Maybe some day she'll decide to sit and fix her leg without my suggestion!

She's 2 1/2 years old now and only weighs 12 lbs, a very thin, lanky mixed-breed so there's not a lot of weigh on her joints.

However, I know that this will eventually cause her pain/arthritis etc. and am about to start her on Glucosamine/Chondroitin to hopefully slow the progression of disease.

I probably wouldn't have chosen to adopt her if she showed lameness while at the pound, but now I can't imagine my life without her "warts and all" even with her hidden problem.

I hope this helps someone who's dog is faced with a similar problem. I can't afford hip surgery, just hoping to provide here with a high quality of life for as long as that's possible. Some dogs may be put down even as puppies if they're showing lameness.

I would have missed out on a WONDERFUL pup, and Holly Belle would have missed out on years of love and affection and chasing squirrels with an occasional "SIT AND FIX YOUR LEG!"

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