A Closer Look At Your Puppys Life In 3 Stages

The first three months in your puppys life is a very important part in the development of his personality and behavior.

His knowledge and experiences during these times set the groundwork and establishes the foundation of what is going to be his adult personality.

The first three months are also referred to as the developmental months because it is during these months when puppies establish their fundamental patterns of behavior.

The first seven weeks is the stage where the puppy needs great amount of individual attention and a stimulating atmosphere.

After the seven weeks, the new owner will then become responsible for the care and upbringing of the puppy that sets the introduction for the socialization stage.

The first three months of your puppys life or the developmental stage are divided into three periods.

These periods are labeled by calendar time and estimate the beginning of the puppy’s experiences and behavioral pattern.

Differences do occur depending on the breed and individual distinction within the litter, though litter mates usually catch up with each other by the end of the last period.

We have to be familiar with the traits of the different developmental periods in order to understand and know the needs of our puppy as he starts to grow.

Below are the three periods of developmental stages that occur.

The Neonatal Period – One to Fourteen days.

This is the stage where the mother is the major influence in the their life.

During this period, the puppy spends almost ninety percent of his time sleeping.

He needs anal stimulation from the mother in order to urinate and defecate.

The Transitional Period – Fifteen to Twenty-one days.

During this period, his eyes start to open although his eyesight is still dim.

His teeth start to come out and he can defecate without the need for his mothers’ stimulus.

The Socialization Period – Twenty-two days to Eighty-four days.

This is the period where the puppy starts to become aware of his surroundings.

He can see, hear, and his sense of smell is rapidly developing.

This is the period where he reaches his full visual and hearing capacity.

puppys life - new puppy

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