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There are a lot of rare dog breeds that are so uncommon very few people have even heard of them. There are a lot of different factors that can contribute to the rarity of a certain dog breed, from sheer geographic isolation to unique breeding techniques. Following is a list of some of the rare dog breeds in the world.

Mudi – This dog comes from Hungary and was used to herd sheep originally. They have a variety of different colors but their coat is usually curly and very soft. They are world renowned for their skills at herding, but unfortunately there are still very few people who have heard of them. There are even fewer people who own them, since there are not very many in existence outside of Hungary.

Thai Ridgeback – Although the Rodesian Ridgeback is a relatively Popular Dog Breed in the United States and United Kingdom, the Thai Ridgeback is one of those rare dog breeds that never gained a lot of momentum. They have been in the United States for less than 20 years, but are commonly used in Thailand as guard dogs for both people and livestock.

Carolina Dog – Also referred to as an American Dingo, the Carolina Dog actually shares a genetic link with the Australian Dingo. They are mostly confined to the Southeast United States, and have some very odd characteristics for domesticated dogs. For example, most domestic dogs have two estrus cycles each year. The Carolina Dog, like many wild dogs, has only one cycle each year, something that isn't found in any other domesticated Dog Breed.

Tibetan Mastiff – These are very distinctive looking dogs that come from the Himalayan mountain region of Asia. The reason why this dog is having such a hard time spreading to other parts of the world is that it has been bred to be accustomed to the high altitude of the Himalayan Mountains.

When breeders attempted to bring to dog to lower altitudes, it developed a significantly large number of Dog Health Problems, and there was no known Dog First Aid to deal with them. When fully grown they're extremely large, and often weigh more than 160 lbs.

Azawakh – This is an African breed of dog that appears to resemble a gazelle or antelope more so than a dog. Like the Greyhound, the Azawakh is a sight hound, although it naturally has more of a pack mentality than other hounds of that nature. It's actually used to hunt gazelles, a testament to its incredible speed and agility.

Chinook – This beautiful looking breed actually originates from one specific dog, a sled dog by the name of Chinook. In 1981, there were 11 dogs of this breed that could be used for further breeding, and slowly but surely it has been growing in numbers over the years.

Catalburun – This is one of the most rare dog breeds in the world, and just about every member still lives in its native Turkey. The most distinctive feature of this dog is its split nose.

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