Raw Dog Food Diet Information

Finding the right raw dog food diet can be tricky. A major concern among most owners is that their dog will not be getting enough of the right nutrients.

This is easily countered by feeding them different sorts of meat and fruit. Just like humans, the body will take what it needs and disregard the rest. If you're feeding dogs raw food like chicken, raw eggs, and internal pig and cow organs, there is no way your pet will be malnourished.

Each of these products contain different levels and amounts of protein, iron, carbs, etc that will keep your dog strong and healthy.

A raw dog food diet is very controversial mostly because a lot of veterinarians disagree with the benefits. There could be an underlining reason for this. Many veterinarians' schools still teach that kibble and standard dog food are the best and only method for feeding dogs.

Veterinarians might disagree because they know all the benefits of standard dog food and do not know much about the raw dog food diet. When a veterinarian does not know much about the subject, recommending it or suggesting it could be more dangerous to your dogs health in the long run.

Some veterinarians disagree with feeding a raw food diet because the animal could end up choking on the bones or puncturing an internal organ. They feel that it could create an unbalanced diet and could threaten both human and dog health because they are being exposed to the bacteria on the raw meat.

Another strong point in the veterinarian community is that there is no scientific evidence of a healthier life when raw feeding.

These are all valid points, but sometimes a bit exaggerated.

Choking on bones is possible, but so is choking on kibble. Many Bull Dogs, Boxer Dogs, Labrador Retrievers and other dogs that eat rapidly have been known to choke on kibble.

When you feed fast-eating dogs larger meat, especially with bones attached, they are forced to take their time with it. They are not capable of swallowing the whole thing and this makes them chew carefully. Your exposure to bacteria when handling the meat is no greater than when you cook in your own kitchen.

Dogs also have a stronger immune system and can fight off bacteria. The fact that there is no scientific evidence is because it is incredibility hard to test. Dog food companies make it a point to test their products and conduct studies of the long term health benefits of their product and it wouldn't make sense to pay for a study that proves against that.

Many owners who have started feeding dogs raw food have stated that their dogs are overall healthier and better looking. They have a lot more energy, cleaner teeth, and better skin. It is known that bones help clean your dog's teeth more effectively than kibble.

In fact the entire notion that kibble cleans dog's teeth is a lie. Kibble is gunky and when it gets moist it collects all around the dog's teeth and gums, leading to gingivitis and cavities.

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