Red Fox Labrador Retrievers

Red Fox Labrador Retrievers are some of the most beautiful varieties, according to some people at least.

Their coat is a dusky reddish bronze color with tinges of orange and sunset yellow – they look like an autumn afternoon, glistening in the sun.

All that aside, red fox Labrador Retrievers are actually one of the more rare varieties of Labrador Retriever, especially compared against regular yellow, chocolate, and black Labs.

Technically speaking, Fox Red Labrador Retrievers are actually classified as yellow, even if their coat looks nothing like the color.

The American Kennel Club only officially recognizes the three colors of yellow, black, and Chocolate Labrador Retriever when it comes to labs, so there are times when they have to make concessions and label a pup a certain color so that it fits within their standards.

The same thing happens with Silver Labrador Retrievers, which have a silvery gray coat but are still officially classified as chocolate.

Despite the fact that there are no “official”red fox Labrador Retrievers, some breeders make it a point to breed only this particular shade. There's a beauty not only in the color but in the rarity of the dog as well, making them a prize for collectors and dog breeders who want something a little out of the normal range.

In every other way, these Labs are the same as any other Labrador Dog. They have the same athletic, muscular build and friendly disposition.

They are also prone to the same ailments, including Elbow Dysplasia and Dog Hip Dysplasia , so if you're thinking about getting a red fox Lab for either yourself or your child, you should probably brush up on your Dog First Aid skills; I know mine get a little rusty after a little while.

As far as general Labrador Retriever Information goes, they're friendly, energetic creatures who are always willing to please you to the best of their ability.

Labs are especially fond of fetching games, which is hardly a surprise considering their name, and they will play with you for hours on end before getting tired. In fact, it's usually you who tires out first!

They grow into very large dogs, which is why it’s important also to Train your Labrador from a young age. They need to know when to stop playing if it starts to get dangerous, either for them or for any children in the area.

It always seems like red fox Labrador Retrievers just keep thinking they're still Labrador Puppies even after years of growth.

If you're specifically looking for a specialty colored Labrador Retriever like a fox red, don't get your hopes too high. Even though exclusively some kennels breeds them, they're still not exactly raining from the sky.

You might have some difficulty finding one, so you may still want to consider a regular yellow, black, or chocolate Lab. If you do chance on a red fox Lab, don't let yourself be duped into paying an exorbitant price for the pooch.

It's still a Lab, and the owner should sell it for a price similar to a regular Labrador Retriever.

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