Grooming Your Rough Coat
Jack Russell

Although you can groom your Rough Coat Jack Russell, these furry animals are still not high maintenance at all.

We own three smooth coat Jack Russells but I have heard of owners with rough coat Jacks and they have not complained about the grooming at all.

You can even see the grooming as a bonding experience between you and your dog. Rough Coat Jacks need to be groomed about twice a year. This will help give a great appearance to you dog and be comfortable to them.

It is important that you groom your rough coat Jack Russell at least two times a year because this will help the coat to develop and be hard for water résistance.

Grooming is very important if you intend on using your Jack Russell Terrier for show purposes. You have to get the timing right when grooming in order for you Rough Coat Jack Russell to look at its best. Dogs should not be groomed right before a trial; this has to happen in advance.

Every owner will have a certain way of grooming that they prefer. Some groom by plucking or pulling the hair and others cut the hair, although some do not agree with that method. It is believed that the texture and thickness is lost when you cut the hair of your Jack Russell, the color can also change and not have the effect you want at the show.

It is all about preference. When it comes to plucking there are different knives to be used on different areas of the body. When you are grooming your rough coat Jack Russell you should do this on a table that is level to you so that you do not have to bend down to reach your dog. It is advised to come through the hair of your Jack Russell thoroughly so that you can remove all loose hairs.

If you want to use the plucking method, you can start with the hairs that seem out of place and that are poking out. It is all about making it appear neat, yet rough and hard. If you are worried about your dog, this will not hurt at all, the hairs are supposed to come out very easily.

To see if you have missed a spot you can use a grooming chalk and brush over the coat of your Jack Russell Terrier to see if you have missed any spots. Stripping is another option that might go a bit quicker, you can do this by using a stripping comb.

Whichever methods you prefer remember not to overdo the grooming. You can always do a bit at a time and continue with the rest the next week. It will take time for the coat to fully develop. That is why you should groom your dog well ahead of time, especially if you intend on making them compete in shows.

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