Saving Max

by Pat

My husband and I have had dogs most of our childhood and all of our adult life. At one point we adopted an American Eskimo and named him Max.

Maybe I should say he adopted us. Several months later a female mixed breed was dumped on our road and kept coming back to our door. I watched for several days as she scavenged garbage cans and dodged cars. We awoke one nite to her barking outside the door and Max barking inside. When I opened the door, she came right in and her and Max immediately became great friends.

I looked at my hubby and said, I guess we have 2 dogs now. So we called her Hobo. One day as I was doing dishes and my husband was working in the garage, I heard a yelp and saw that Hobo's fang had put a hole in Max's collar and they couldn't break free from one another. Max laid down and started to roll as Hobo was trying to pull back. We had to cut the collar off, but as quickly as we did, he still had broken blood vessels in his eye and blood coming from his nose. The collar was chocking him. I hate to think what might have happened if we had not been home.

Since then, we no longer buy collars. We only use a harness, which is easier and doesn't pull or damage their throats or neck. My Max was a special dog and will always have a place in my heart. Both he and Hobo lived to be 17 yrs old. I hope this will spare someone the heartbreak of losing their pet. We must be proactive in caring for our 4-legged friends just like we would for any other family member. "Happy Tails!!"Pa

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