Seeing Eye Dogs

Seeing eye dogs will also be useful for those who have been born blind or became blind in an accident. It seems though that these dogs have been around for quite some time – as far back as the 16th century.

There were also references to the History of Seeing Eye Dogs in the 19th century. It wasn't until a century later would the population see schools established to train dogs to help the blind to see.

It all started during World War I. Germany was the one to open the first Training Seeing-Eye Dogs school specially designed to train Seeing-Eye dogs. It was mostly created to help veterans who came back home blinded by mustard gas or from explosions, but civilians that were also affected during the war used this service as well.

The United States soon followed and opened a school in Nashville, Tennessee in 1929. Morris Frank, the very first American to receive a guide dog, opened the school. Prior to this school opening, Frank had to travel overseas to Switzerland in order to be trained with his Seeing-Eye dog, Buddy. Frank was a big stepping stone in the guide dog movement. He worked hard to get Seeing Eye dogs accepted in restaurants, public transportation, and even on airplanes.

In the beginning, Seeing-Eye dogs comprised mostly of the German Shepherd breed. When Frank went to Switzerland he trained with two German Shepherds and the very first guide dogs in Britain were also German Shepherds.

This is mostly because German Shepherds can very easily adapt to new situations and are highly intelligent. In more modern times, although the German Shepherd is still wildly used, Golden Retrievers are being trained as Seeing Eye dogs also.

Early on in the process, trainers noted that the Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retriever were good guide dogs. They also found that the Poodle, Doberman, Boxer, Border Collie , Rottweiler, and the Airedale Terrier can also be used as a Seeing-Eye dog. Typically these other breeds are chosen based on their height, the length of the harness, and how tall the individual is.

Before guide dogs were popular and well known, many who suffered from disabilities had to rely on others and could not get jobs for themselves. They would have essentially been dependent on someone else forever. Luckily, this form of Dog First Aid has helped serve millions of people world wide.

Even though there are several laws that allow seeing eye dogs to enter in to closed places like hotels, taxis, supermarkets, and general stores many people under Muslim faith do not allow these dogs, or any for that matter, to enter in to their buildings or taxis.

This is because under Muslim law, dogs are seen to be very unclean animals. Many have acted out and have stated that this law does not apply to dogs used to lead the blind, however there is still a big population that will refused access to these dog owners. The Muslim council of Britain has argued that it is every Muslim’s duty to help the blind.

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