She Who Must Be Obeyed

by Andrew Handley
(Santa Ana, Costa Rica)

Ready to go for a run!

Ready to go for a run!

This isn't a health story, but just a recap of how I found one of my best friends who has been through numerous back issues and poisonings in her many years with me.

This is a photo taken of my 14 year old German Shepard/Golden Retriever mix who is currently living with me and my two other dogs in Costa Rica. Her name is 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' or 'She' for short. She was named after the famous H. Rider Haggard book titled 'She: A History of Adventure'.

She is actually the second dog I have ever owned and I obtained her at a shelter that a friend of mine had. The shelter was closing due to the neighbors in the neighborhood complaining about the noise and my friend needed to give about 200+ dogs and cats away within a month. It was very hard trying to pick an animal as there were a lot to choose from and they all needed homes just as bad. She was already about 3-4 years old at the time and was considered old for a shelter dog.

I remember a bunch of dogs running up to me as I walked into one of the pens and She was really the only one that looked like she needed to be loved the most. Her original name at the shelter was 'Princesa' (Princess), but I did not feel that this name was fitting based on her personality. She was very demanding, required constant attention, and had a ton of sass in her, which is why I found her current name far more fitting. Believe me when I tell you that trying to train the sass out of her was difficult, but do-able.

She does not get along well with other dogs and this behavior has only increased with old age. When we go on walks I have to make sure other dogs do not get near her. She is not aggressive and has never attacked a stranger's dog before, but she just likes to pretend to be the boss of everything. She absolutely loves to be around people and is terrified of thunder.

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