Shih Tzu Barks are Important

The Shih Tzu barks are very unique.

Dogs are not able to communicate by speaking like humans, therefore, they have to find different ways of communicating to both humans and other dogs their thoughts and emotions.

Dogs use body language, facial expressions, and vocal sounds to show their feelings. By watching these signs you will be able to understand the mood of your dog.

Each sound or voice that a dog makes is for a reason it is not just to hear him or her selves bark.

  • If you notice whining or whimpering this means that your dog is lonely.
  • If you notice your dog yelping this is a sign of fright.
  • If you notice your dog howling it is in pain.
  • If you hear groaning your dog is in contentment.
  • If you hear it barking means that it is alarmed, anger or in glee.
  • If it is making a variety of different sounds it is seeking attention.

TheShih Tzu barks is like a whimper it is not a yappy bark. The Shih Tzu unlike other toy dogs does not exhibit a noisy yapping bark. It gives off one short, sharp bark, and then it fades into throaty groans in a series.

The Shih Tzu barks help him or her to express a variety of moods. To determine the purpose of the sound you must pay close attention and look for additional signs.

The Shih Tzu shows his mood by body language. If it is jumping up and down and the Shih Tzu barks it is a happy dog. It could show signs of fear if it crouches and puts it head to the floor.

Another thing to notice is the dog’s tail. If it shows a sign of joy, it is wagging his tail briskly. Notice the dog’s tail if it wags his tail more then it is a much happier dog. If you notice that it has his between his legs and his head is lowered then this means that it is frightened.

Another way to determine the mood of the dog is to look at its ears and muzzle. If its ears are relaxed and mouth is closed the Shih Tzu is content. The dog will raise his ears for an alert or attentive.

If you approach a Shih Tzu or any type of dog that has its ears laid back and it is exposing his teeth, be careful. This is a sign that the dog is angry and / or it is frightened. In instances, like this most of the times this is a signal that the dog could attack.

Shih Tzu barks unique to them. There barks have a way of making you laugh. My little Shih Tzu likes to get his toys and flip them and throw them and race to get them before the other dog does.

In the event they both get the toy at the same time it becomes a tug of war.

The Shih Tzu eyes have a serious expression that is so cute that you have to laugh. Regardless, of what he or she does you cannot resist his or her funny humor.

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