Silver Labrador Puppies

My first experience breeding dogs were with Silver Labrador Puppies.

I did not plan at all to breed my girl, but no one had heard of them, they were hard to find, and they were expensive. I had talked to the breeders I was getting her from and was going to pick her up in two weeks.

About two days before I was to pick her up the breeders called me to tell me they had a problem with her. I could still have her, but after she came out of her first heat her vagina had prolapsed (came outside of her) and they had to do some Dog First Aid.

They had taken her to their veterinarian and he stitched it back inside and it should be fine, but no guarantees that she could breed. At that point, I wasn't really seriously considering breeding so I wanted her anyway. I called my veterinarian and discussed her situation. He didn’t consider it a problem if she had been repaired properly.

First Time Veterinarian Visit

After I got her home I took her to the Veterinarian to check her out. He said she seemed fine but he needed to remove the stitches that were still in her.

As he was removing the stitches he started laughing and asking if I knew whom had stitched her. I didn't and when he showed me the stitches they were with large size sutures that you would use on a cow! The veterinarian she had originally been taken to specialize in large animals so that was the size of sutures he had used.

My vet told me when she came back in to heat I could breed her. He said the worst thing that could happen was that she would prolapse again and he would have to perform surgery on her to repair the problem. If that did occur, there would be a possibility that the anesthesia could kill the silver Labrador puppies.

Finding a Male

When she came into heat I found that there was a very reputable Silver Labrador breeder in my town. I called her and took my girl out to meet her. I really just wanted her to tell me what a great looking dog I had.

And, luckily, she did. She told me, for a fee, she would be happy to breed one of her males to my girl and she would coach me during the gestation period. (That part came in handy!) While we were there, she had a new group of silver Labrador puppies so I went to see how precious the babies looked.

When it came down to time to breed my girl, her past problem never arose and on day sixty of her pregnancy she gave birth to seven beautiful, healthy silver Labrador puppies.

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