Silver Labrador Retriever Information

Living with a Silver Labrador Retriever is not a lot different than living with another color of Labrador as far as their character and temperament is concerned.

The difference is in people’s interpretation of one. When I was first looking to replace an old friend, Bentley, who had passed away at a ripe old age of fourteen, I had no idea there were any other colors except Chocolate Labrador Retriever, yellow, and black.

A friend has what they call a white lab but it just looks like a faded yellow lab to me. In fact, I'm not really sure if the AKC recognizes white as a color like they do for a silver Labrador retriever. (They may, I'm just not familiar if they are.)

Color Clarification

Briefly, speaking about how the AKC recognizes the silver Labrador retriever is like this: they are registered chocolate and out to the side of that it is stated as being silver. Actually, when looking at registration papers they have a number, or code, assigned to them and in that number, or code, there are letters (with an S) that you can see is definitely registered Silver Labrador.

Peoples Perception

Now back to living with Silver Labrador Retrievers. People constantly come up to me and comment on what a beautiful dog she is and is she a Weimaraner? Of course I explain what she is and sometimes they try to imply how smart they think they are and say it has to be "part" Weimaraner Breed.

In researching a bit of history on Silver Labradors there is some that think that possibly one day long ago there was some Weimaraner in the breed.

If you know a Weimaraner and have been around one for any length of time, you'll know your silver Labrador retriever is a lab and only a Labrador Dog. The Blue Weimaraners color of blue is about the same, that's where the similarities end.

Silver Labradors With Blue Eyes

Another distinguishing feature of a silver Labrador most people notice is their eyes. They are Caribbean ocean blue, it does take a certain angle for the blue to be illuminating but there is no missing it. Especially when they are babies, that's the first thing you notice.

Silver Labradors Breed Characteristics

As far as the retriever part, they are like other Labradors; the retrieving is bred in to them. When my silver Labrador walks around the house she usually has a toy, a shoe, sock, or something in her mouth to bring to me.

My girl went on her first goose hunt at nearly the age of one. Quite late but we got her as an older puppy. My son killed twenty geese and she retrieved every one of them and brought them back to him.

This year she went duck hunting in rice fields and waited in the pit until the ducks were downed and then she hunted in flooded timber sitting on a tree stand waiting until she was commanded to retrieve.

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Silver Labrador Retriever to Labrador Retriever Information

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