Silver Labrador Retrievers Information

Silver Labrador Retrievers have an onging controversy surrounding them and If you've ever spend a good deal of time on a website devoted to dogs (like this one) you're probably well aware of this.

If you're not familiar with this dispute, here's the gist of it: Labrador Retrieversn are historically grouped into three categories.

These categories are Black, Golden, and Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Despite variations in color, such as with the Fox Red Labrador, Labrador Retrievers invariably fall into one of the above groups.

Silver Labrador Retrievers are a breed of Labrador Dog with a gray or silver coat, a color that has never been extremely common among Labradors. Because of this, some people state that no silver Labs are actually purebred, and are in fact a cross between a chocolate Lab and a Weimaraner, a dog that is actually recognized for its silver coat.

Through DNA testing, it has been determined that common modern Silver Labrador Retriever is in fact purebred, and the American Kennel Club has conceded this by recognizing them, but only as a shade of chocolate. In fact, no kennel club in the world officially recognizes silver labs all on their own.

Some breeders actually try to take advantage of all the misinformation flying around regarding Silver Labradors, and typically try to convince buyers to pay as much as four times the normal price for a Lab just because the Lab in question is silver.

In reality, the dog's breeding papers have to say chocolate for the dog to be official, and because of this they aren't technically worth more than any other Labrador Retriever.

You might be reading this because you're interested in getting some silver Labrador Retrievers for yourself, so remember that you shouldn't pay anything extra for a Labradors Silver. If a breeder tries to convince you to pay a lot more for one, look for another, more honest breeder.

So what actually gives silver Labs their shiny silver sheen? The color of a dog's coat is based on a cocktail of genes. Breeding works because most of these genes are passed onto any offspring, so breeding a golden Lab with another golden Lab will give you a unique mixture of each parent's genes. In that example, the pups will be golden 99% of the time.

Now, all dogs have the same genes, but the ones that become apparent, say in the color of the fur, and are actually active, they're “switched on” so to speak.

A specific gene known as the D gene is responsible for the dilution of more pure colors, namely black or chocolate. Because of the activation of this dilution gene, the dog will actually have a gray or slate blue coat rather than the deeper black or chocolate.

From ancestral records, all Silver Labradors alive today originated from one of two separate kennels. The prevailing theory is that these breeders discovered a slightly dilute pup, and continued to breed it into the color that it is today.

Either way you look at it, a silver Labrador Retriever is an excellent pet to have. As with all dogs, keep a Dog First Aid Kit handy because these pooches like to get into trouble!

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