Silver Labrador Characteristics

Upon deciding that I wanted a Silver Labrador, I investigated what the characteristics of Silver Labrador Retriever were.

Really, there are none that are different than another colored lab. My dogs, in the past, have been a peddle andBoxer.

Friends of mine have all had Chocolate Labrador Retrievers and black labs. They went to work with them, rode in the car with them, and slept in the house with them.

However, my dog was always the boxer. They, too, have a wonderful personality that I love and their physical characteristics are beautiful, but until I got this Silver Lab I did not really understand the Silver Labs Breed and characteristics. My girl, Sookie, is really my son’s dog we got her when she was six months old.

Our Silver Lab has shown me why people love this breed. My Boxer Dogs, were cute and cuddly, and were always glad to see me but it was as if they were saying, "Hey you're home! Now what can you do for me?" But on the other hand Sookie is sweet, affectionate and cuddly and she seems to say, "Hey, I'm glad to see you're here! What can I do to make you happy?"

Their Unique Coloring

Silver Labs With Blue Eyes look at you with such admiring Blue eyes. The silver Labs coat seems a bit softer than the chocolates or blacks that we've had.

Their silver color is the color of tree bark. Many people see them at first and think they are a Weimaraner. They have the same color as a Weimaraner Breed but they are different.

Family Dog

I said that our silver is my son’s but I'm really close to her. Don't be confused that silver Labs are a one man dog. Unlike a lot of other breeds such as some Types of Chihuahuas, she is as happy to see others, as she is to see me.

She loves my two and three year old nieces and has never been aggressive with them and she is always glad they play with her. My son hunts with her and she's as excited to get in the Jeep with him as she is with me.

Since my boxer, Ed, died earlier this year, Sookie has taken his seat in my car. She rides in my car and wears a Dog Car Restraint to the grocery store, run errands, or wherever I go, weather permitting.

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Silver Labrador to Labrador Retriever Information

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