Silver Labradors Breed Information

There is a lot to be said about the Silver Labradors Breed, but there also is not.

I know that sounds odd but it is the truth. First off, in my opinion only, I think the breed is just a recessive gene.

You will see it written in many places that the dogs are silver because they were crossbred with a Weimaraner years ago. That could be true but it can't be proven.

Besides, the Silver Labrador is too much like any other Labrador of any other color.

Also, when looking up information about the silver Labradors breed you will find that many years ago, and still today, when a Labrador gives birth, very, very rarely, to an off color, the breeder will destroy the pup.

In American Kennel Club guidelines of the Labrador Dog color you will also find that it is accepted to have a tiny bit of white on a solid dog.

(This is usually noticed as a speck under the neck.) Given this silver Labradors breed information, where would one think they came up with very light cream or white Labradors? Genetics, of course.

Health Conditions

The silver Lab has the same characteristics of any other Labrador Retriever . They have a silver coat, silver nails, a silver nose , and even silver foot pads. Silver Labrador Retrievers are born with Caribbean blue eyes.

After they are six to nine months old the eyes turn a pale yellow. If you catch the silver labs eyes in the sun at just the right angle, you will still see that Silver Labradors have Blue Eyes.

Breed Characteristics

All Labradors are Hunting Labradors Silver Labradors are no different. Silver Labradors have the same face and fur as any other standard color Labrador.

Some have said Silver Labrador Retrievers have bad skin. I disagree. One might have bad skin, but I had a black one that had horrible ears.

So that doesn't say all Labradors have bad ears. My neighbor has yellow Labradors and one of them has a skin allergy. I had a poodle once with a skin allergy. This condition just happens in a lot of dogs, but it is not specific to the color in Labradors.

Their mannerisms, their physical characteristics, their hunting aptitude, and companionship are just like any other color. Silver labs don't have any health problems associated to their color, nor their life expectancy any different.

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Silver Labradors Breed to Labrador Retriever Information

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