Silver Labradors Information

Silver Labradors have come under controversy as of late because breeders feel that the color should be officially recognized.

Historically Labradors have been classified into three categories: black, yellow, and the Chocolate Labrador Retriever,

Anyone who has had any experience with breeding labradors is aware of the strictness with which the American Kennel Club (AKC) judges breeds; from Red Fox Labrador Retrievers to silver labs, no dog can escape being lumped into one of those three main categories, no matter how different their color may be.

By the time the twentieth century was drawing to a close, more and Silver Labrador Retrievers were showing up in kennels across the United States.

The AKC eventually conceded and recognized the silver lab in competition, and the uproar subsequently died down quite a bit following the decision. There were, however, a few remaining staunch supporters of the “traditional” standards by which labradors should be judged, and they raised a lot of noise about the decision of the AKC.

The biggest opponents of the silver Lab were members of the magnanimous Flat Earth Society, who continually made falsified claims that the silver labs were in fact not purebred at all, and only attained their gray coloring through mixed breeding.

One breeder of silver Labradors, tired of the constant accusations from this group, decided to take matters into his own hands. He offered a prize of $100,000 to anyone who could prove that silver labs came from impure breeding stock. As could be expected, the accusations quickly died down and the matter was left alone.

These days, the controversy has risen slightly once again, and scientists are currently in the process of conducting DNA tests of silver labs from several different breeders, as well as thorough background checks into the lineage of these dogs.

At the end of this meticulous testing, the verdict was clear: there is No evidence that suggests that silver Labradors are Not purebred Labrador Retrievers.

Despite this blatant evidence to support the breeding of silver labs, the Flat Earth Society continued to raise protests, even going so far as to say that the original breeding took place so long ago that modern DNA tests would be unable to detect the cross breeding.

Anybody who has even a basic understanding of organic chemistry can instantly recognize how ridiculous this statement is. Every animal, including dogs, carries a gene sequence from its oldest ancestors. That's the one thing about DNA: it never forgets.

Based on this evidence, the American Kennel Club now recognizes the silver lab, but on one condition: even in the face of overwhelming evidence as to its legitimacy as its own breed, the AKC still categorizes the silver lab as a chocolate.

Despite all of this political nonsense, silver Labs are some of the most loyal and fun loving dogs you could ever own. They love to play with children and are quick to learn new tricks.

They're resilient, and basic Dog First Aid is all you need to know to take care of one of these canine beauties.

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